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Episode 483

What Would You PAY to Never Clean Again?: Episode 483: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 483 – What Would You PAY to Never Clean Again?

Today we are going to talk about what you would pay to never clean again! The problem is you started your business to be a successful entrepreneur, but you find yourself cleaning toilets all day!  Your dream was not to clean, your dream was to own your own business.  No one goes beyond $3-$4K per month when they are cleaning and no one who cleans is a true business owner! The cost of this situation is vacation time!  Your entrepreneurial dream! So let’s dive into this right now. What is it worth to you to never clean again?

False Belief: Hiring cleaners is hard

The reality is there are some challenges to it, for sure.  However, cleaning toilets everyday is harder! If you get your systems and processes in place so that you have a solid hiring system, hiring can be pretty easy.  You should be spending about three to five hours a week on your hiring process. There is a big difference between spending five hours a week hiring compared to 50 hours a week cleaning.

False Belief: You love cleaning

Everyone says that, but when you really think about it, it turns out they are willing to clean, but don’t realize they shouldn’t clean.  This is just a lie that we tell ourselves. After you spend six to eight hours cleaning all day, are you really excited to go home and clean your house?  No!

False Belief: You cleaning is making you money

You cleaning is costing you your dream in exchange for $3-$12/ hour.  The reality is that the best you can do when you’re cleaning is about $4,000 a month. Divide that by the number of total hours you spend working on your business – cleaning, driving, thinking about your business, scheduling, picking up supplies, etc.  The reality is you aren’t making money, and you’re making a pretty low hourly rate at that.

False Belief: I need to clean so I can see my customers

Spoiler alert! You can see your customers anytime you want – as an OWNER!  If you want your clients to see you as a business owner, they can’t see you cleaning.  When you show up to their house with rags ready to clean, they see you as a cleaner. If you think your customers want YOU to clean, that’s not the reality. People want a real company that will solve their problem, that’s it.  So you need to get over this false belief and start presenting yourself to your customers as a business owner, not a cleaner.

False Belief: I need to clean so my customers see me

That leads us into this next False Belief.  Really, the RIGHT customers won’t want you cleaning!  They want a system or a process that solves their cleaning problems.  If you show up with a rag and do their cleaning, what happens if you get sick or can’t work?  Then you aren’t solving their problem. If you have a system with employees in place, trained to clean the way you would clean, then your customers are covered and you’re always solving their cleaning problem.

False Belief: Employees won’t do it right

Systems and Culture make sure employees get it right!   When you are cleaning, no one is working ON the business.  Working on the business means creating systems & culture!! When you build a culture, you attract the right employees, and then you have systems and processes in place that support the right people.  These employees then have the right core values to become awesome employees that WILL do a great job.

False Belief: If I hire, I am putting my business at risk

If you didn’t sign up for a cleaning job what does it matter anyway? You have nothing to lose! Employees are the ONLY way to have a REAL business.  You absolutely have to hire, and you need to get your system figured out so that you hire based on your core values match. It may take some trial and error, but focus on the goal.  The goal is to run a business, not clean! Put the work into developing your system and processes so you can work on growing your business.  So what would you pay to never clean again?  When you know the benefit of NOT cleaning is time freedom, vacation time, and the ability to actually be a business OWNER.  Never cleaning and working on your business means more money, creating something you can sell or pass on to your kids, and being proud of your legacy.

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