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Episode 426

What to STOP Doing in Your Cleaning Company : 426 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 426 – What to STOP Doing in Your Cleaning Company

Traditionally Mike talks about what you’re supposed to do, but today he is talking all about what you can stop doing to start working on, rather than in your business. He covers the differences in low and high tier work in seven concepts, as well as why it’s important that you spend your time running your business and not working in it.

The first concept we’re going to cover is payroll. It’s important that you outsource payroll for a few reasons. For one, it can be complicated, especially with multiple employees and you don’t want to get in trouble with the IRS, and for two it is low tier work and you should be focusing your time on the things that only you can do as the head of your company.

Secondly, we’re going to cover scheduling. Scheduling should also be outsourced, as it is something that has to be done consistently and isn’t complicated. It’s always better to have an employee in charge of the lower tier, time-consuming work. You’ll find that the more you let your employees handle, the more they will grow and learn how to handle certain situations. This also ties into why it is important that you train your employees with your company’s core values. If they ever find themselves in a situation that they don’t know how to handle, they should be trained that as long as they can back up whatever decision they make with your core values, then they’ll be in the clear.

The third concept is that you have to cover driving, or bringing supplies to out to your employees. You should teach your employees that it is part of their job to handle those things. If your employee forgets a key to one of their jobs, the pain of that shouldn’t fall on you as the owner of the company. You should have a set of rules and systems to follow in case of emergencies like this.

The fourth concept is one that Mike has covered extensively in the past- you shouldn’t be the one doing the cleaning in your company. As an entrepreneur chances are that you want to grow your company. If you don’t want to hire employees and want to do everything in your company yourself, then you don’t own a cleaning company, you’re stuck with a cleaning job. If you’re not handling the upper-level ideas behind your business, no one will.

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For the fifth concept, Mike is going to briefly cover boxing time. Tracking and making sure that you’re happy with how you spend your time is very important. One of the biggest time wasters is having employees call you directly constantly with small problems. If you teach your employees that you are only available during certain hours, this will free up your time to handle more significant matters.

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