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Episode 814

What To Do When Things Get Hard: Episode 814


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Episode 814 –What To Do When Things Get Hard

Hey Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, our favorite, Tracey Thompson, is chatting with Mike about life outside of our businesses. That’s not something that gets talked about or considered very often, but the two are so intricately connected that they need to be discussed. Listen in as Mike and Tracey chat about how to have a better quality of life outside of your business and how to have a positive work/life balance.

Decide Now How You’ll React to Hard

Though it might seem like it, we at Grow My Cleaning Company don’t always have it together. Recently, Tracey found out that the home she had been living in for the past four years was going to be foreclosed on and sold at auction. When she found out that was happening, she had every right to be angry at her landlord for being irresponsible with her rent and getting her into this situation. But what she has realized is that it doesn’t solve her problems. Being angry and brooding just keeps you spinning and not in a place where you can actually solve your problems. The same goes for any setback you might be experiencing right now, both in and out of your business.

Focus on What You Can Control

And when we say focus on what you can control or what is the best next move right now, that doesn’t mean huge things. It’s focusing on the next right choice and the next best thing to do RIGHT now. In the muck of it, that is going to be what you are capable of and it’s what is going to propel you forward and get you out of that rut that you are in.

The Human Psychology of Doing What We Don’t Want

So why is it so hard to make the right move when it feels so good after? Why do we fight so hard against the things that we need to be doing to get out of these ruts? Why won’t we make the changes to get to a calmer, more in control place? It’s because though we are evolved mammals to some degree but we still possess what we call our ‘lizard brain’ that wants to keep us small, safe, and not expend energy. If we are ever going to move forward the way that we need to, we have to say no to that lizard brain, listen to the higher brain, and do the hard things our ego doesn’t want to do. 

Final Takeaway: When things get hard, stay out of self-pity, focus on the next right step, and don’t be afraid to make changes, even when they are hard. 

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