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Episode 765

What Part of My Sales Process Should I Automate?: Episode 765


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Episode 765 – What Part of My Sales Process Should I Automate?

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Jered, our in house marketing whiz chatting with Mike about when to automate the sales process in your cleaning company. Jered knows his stuff and offers some great insite into the best way to automate this process in the simplest way possible. From this episode, you can also learn how to know if you are ready to begin this process or when to make the switch. Don’t miss it!

When You Grow, This Problem Grows as Well

As you start to grow your cleaning company, one major problem will start to grow also. This problem is that you cannot clone yourself. Many owners of cleaning companies will start to turn towards automation to help relieve the pressure of consistently being on call.

One piece of advice that is critical when moving towards automation, is that you do not remove the human element from the sales pitch.

Understanding the Sales Journey

In the service business, consumers start making the choice if you are the perfect prospect for them on first contact. When we place barriers of automation between us and our clients we dely an important step in gaining trust. This human interaction helps the consumer feel cared for and allows for individuals to start their journey into becoming your client.

So, No Automation?

Of course your can use automation in your business! If you have every jumped on a free breakthrough call that we offer (Book it here if you haven’t yet) you will see we use automation like crazy! But here is what we don’t do. We don’t let anyone into our program without first talking to a human from Grow My Cleaning Company. This doesn’t always need to be the owner of the business, but someone who represents your business. In our case, we have trained coaches who provide that support. For owners of cleaning companies, you can also train employees for that.

Humans Solve Price Hunting

When automation reveals your pricing, you are encouraging the consumer to just hunt the internet for the best price. This creates an environment of “lowest price wins!” How you can change the mindset of future clients is instead of allowing automation to reveal your price, take the time to speak to the future client about what you offer, and how your services can help make their life better. Identify why someone would need your services and offer them a life-changing solution.

Once the future client’s mindset changes from “Who can do this the cheapest” to “OMG I want we they are offering!” Then, position the phone as the solution. Make it so the only way they can get your services and their life changed is by jumping on the phone.
Then, use automation to have them book a call, send out reminders, introduction emails, etc, but have a human answer that and help move them towards the sale.

The Human Touch

You will be amazed by the type of clients you will receive when you remove “tire kickers” from your reach and only allow those who truely want what you offer into your life. Not only will these clients stay longer, but they are willing to pay more for your services.

As tempting as it is to automate the sales, we highly recommend through our own proven data, that you position your marketing around the benefits of this solution call.

Final Takeaway: Moving into automation can be easier and more effective than you think if done correctly. 

Love the idea, but find it over whelming? Want to learn the next steps like, what to actually say on the call? Jump on a call with one of our coaches and learn strategies on how to grow your cleaning company and start loving your job everyday! Book here 

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