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Episode 850

What is a Next Level Devil and How to Overcome it: Episode 850


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Episode 850 –What is a Next Level Devil and How to Overcome it: Episode 850

Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay Bjorklund and Tracey Thompson here to talk about a really interesting concept that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. This idea every time we uplevel our business, we have to face a new ‘devil’ or challenge in order to get to that next level. Understanding this principle is the first step towards being more open to pushing through the challenges that will inevitably come, but with the correct mindset and approaching this in a logical way, you can come through the next level devils even stronger on the other side.

Identify Where You Want to Uplevel

To get clarity on where you want to take your business to the next level write down something you feel could help you improve your business in some way. Maybe it’s hiring more employees, maybe it’s improving the systems you have around onboarding a client. By writing down the thing that could have the most impact if it were improved, you can start to see where the devils or bumps in the road are going to be with this new challenge and how to avoid them. The get clear on these bumps you have to go into the details.

An Example from One of Our Clients

At Grow My Cleaning Company, we had a member who was doubling her numbers and doing so well up-leveling her business, but for her, the leveling devil was scheduling. Even though she was aware it would only take a person about 30 minutes per week to get scheduling done, she couldn’t let go of the idea that she was the one who was best at scheduling and didn’t want to hire anyone else to do it. But it was keeping her really tied to the business, and she would be more likely to feel like she needed to step in to clean if someone on the schedule didn’t show up if she were managing it.

The Story You Tell Yourself About Why You Don’t Need to Improve

Another example we hear a lot is our members dragging their feet about getting their systems and processes automated. It can be so easy to think things like, ‘it will save me money if I just do everything.’ But that is absolutely not true. You are spending so much of your time putting out fires, chasing down leads, falling up with this potential candidate, etc. that things are falling through the cracks and you aren’t able to ever proactively work on your business. If you automate your hiring funnel, for example, all you have to do is show up to your group interviews and hire the people who fit the core values of your company. But the devil is in the details. The next level devel in this case will tell you that it’s too expensive or too time-consuming to set up automation. But things have to stretch and hurt a bit before you can see the benefits of them. 

Final Takeaway: Be aware of what your next level devils are, air them out, and make a plan to overcome them. Love the idea, but find it overwhelming? Want to learn the next steps like, what to actually say on the call? Jump on a call with one of our coaches and learn strategies on how to grow your cleaning company and start loving your job every day! Book here

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