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Episode 692

What Commitment to Getting Out of the Field Feels Like: Episode 692


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Episode 692 – What Commitment to Getting Out of the Field Feels Like

Today our guest is Angel Walton. This amazing young woman started Waltons Janitorial and Landscaping in July 2016. She’s in Powder Springs, Georgia. They serve Residential and Commercial cleaning.

Angel was 18 years old and working in McDonald’s, when a young man offered her a cleaning job. He explained that it would pay at least if not more than her current fast food job. He was 27 but was running his own cleaning crews. Angel joined his team and found him very inspiring to work with because he had made his own success at a young age.

After a few years of working for this man, Angel began thinking about starting her own cleaning business. She then met her husband-to-be and they began to think of how they could start a business together. He was doing lawn care at the time. After they got married, they combined their businesses into Walton’s Janitorial and Landscaping.

Now their business is in its fifth year, but Angel is still doing the cleaning and wants to finally get out of the field. Today we’re going to do a deep dive into that first step which is commitment.

Get Clear

Instead of just thinking “I want to get out of the field,” get clear on your commitment. People that join our program might think they’re committed, but on a scale of 1 to10, they might be at a 6. They might seem some results from the systems we teach or they might not. Someone that is committed at a level of 10, would see better results even if they’re working with a crappy system. Getting clear on the commitment’s cost, whether it’s time or money is also important. That cost might be a little higher than you thought it might be or require more time. So many business owners are interested in getting out of cleaning but not committed.

Counting the Cost

When cleaning business owners say they want to get out of cleaning, they don’t count the cost either. For example: A new employee does something they don’t like, they think , “Oh, I’m done trying to hire other people. I’ll just keep cleaning.” We’re counting the cost before we start spending money or time we’re going to invest. If we’re still all in and think, “I’ll pay it, I’ll pay whatever it takes.” then the systems and processes are easy. We’ve done hundreds of podcasts on those systems too which can help with this next step.

So many times on our episodes, we skip the important questions to start with:

  • Are you all in committed to quit cleaning forever?
  • Are you willing to pay the price even if that price is high?
  • Are you clear on what your life is going to look like?
  • What would it be worth to you?

Without answering these important questions first, the systems and processes are only going to take you so far in your business!

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