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Episode 899

What Coaching Can Do For You: Episode 899


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Episode 899 – What Coaching Can Do For You

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Homero Guerra. Homero started Two Maids and a Mop in Spring, Texas in 2020. He has been working for three years and decided to reach out to Grow My Cleaning Company after deciding he wanted to take his business to the next level. Listen in as he and Mike chat about what needed to change and how it’s going now that he’s started the program. He bought into a franchise and he’s learning how to run that business successfully.

Getting Clear on the Numbers

Because Homero bought a franchise, he was in a little bit different situation than many starting a cleaning business. Because he had to invest in the business, he was already in the hole when he started, and they didn’t give him any training on how to grow and scale it once he bought into it. So he really started from square one and had to learn how to get clients, hire employees, everything. After stumbling along himself trying to learn everything from trial and error, he decided to get some help. The first thing he started to understand the importance of was his profit and loss. For the longest time, the more money he made, the more his expenses grew so his profit was never getting any bigger.

The Myth About Profit

Profit has nothing to do with how much money you make, it has to do with how well you are managing the money you do make. You can make 50k a month and still not make any money because if you aren’t setting up systems and processes that are helping you understand what your cost of goods sold is, what your total expenses are, and if you aren’t streamlining things, your money is going to go down the drain and you’ll never have more. It is essential that you are intentional with the way that you are growing your business and that you know exactly where the money is going and that you are pricing high enough that you are actually clearing a profit.

Coaching Brings Accountability

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that many people know exactly what they should be doing to improve their business, yet never take action. But if they don’t have accountability, they’ll never do anything about it. That is the power of coaching. When you have a coach, you have someone who is teaching you how to do things in a way you never understood. So you are learning all these new skills, but then they are following up with you and asking you how those things are going. When you have that accountability, you are much more likely to take action and actually make those changes.

Final Takeaway: Getting a coach can be what you need to finally take action.

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