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Episode 1107

What are YOU Spending Your Time On In Your Cleaning Company?: Episode 1107


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Episode 1107 – What are YOU Spending Your Time On In Your Cleaning Company?

Live with Cleaning Nation

In this lively Facebook Live broadcast, Mike Campion and Lindsay Bjorklund engaged with the Cleaning Nation community, diving into discussions about the top priorities for cleaning company owners. With a wealth of responses flooding in, they delved into various topics, offering insights and guidance along the way.

Grace's Insights and Questions

Grace, a member of the Grow My Cleaning Company Facebook Group, shared her thoughts and questions, sparking a deep discussion. She highlighted three key areas of focus:

Systematizing Operations: Grace expressed her desire to systematize her cleaning business but acknowledged the challenges in achieving this goal. Mike emphasized the importance of clarity in defining what “systematizing” truly means and suggested breaking tasks into high and low leverage activities.
Mindset Shift towards Abundance: Grace reflected on her journey towards embracing abundance and prosperity mindset. Mike encouraged her to shift from making definitive statements to asking empowering questions, fostering a more positive and proactive mindset.

Overcoming procrastination: Grace pondered the common dilemma of knowing what needs to be done but struggling to take action. Mike suggested that fear of perceived pain or uncertainty often hinders progress, emphasizing the importance of understanding underlying motivations.

Beth's Challenges with Task Management

Beth, another Grow My Cleaning Company Facebook Group member, shared her top three challenges:

Scheduling with Clients: Mike discussed various approaches to streamline scheduling tasks, emphasizing the importance of delegating or systematizing repetitive activities.
Client Estimates: Mike advised Beth to reconsider the necessity of providing estimates for potential clients, suggesting alternative approaches to streamline the sales process.
Document Creation: Mike proposed different strategies for handling document creation tasks, including automation and outsourcing, tailored to fit Beth’s specific needs and preferences.

Navigating Marketing Challenges

Addressing the marketing woes of Spokane Office Cleaning, Mike underscored the importance of clarity in setting marketing goals and allocating resources effectively. He emphasized the need to focus on specific outcomes, such as lead generation, within defined budget and time constraints.

Engagement and Future Discussions

Lindsay expressed gratitude for the engaging discussion and hinted at future broadcasts to delve deeper into topics of interest. Mike encouraged the community to share feedback and suggested avenues for further support and interaction.


The Facebook Live broadcast provided valuable insights and practical strategies for cleaning company owners facing various challenges. Through open dialogue and shared experiences, Cleaning Nation members gained clarity and inspiration to tackle their business endeavors with renewed vigor.
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