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Episode 1071

Ways to Feel LESS Out of Control in Your in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1071


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Episode 1071 –Ways to Feel LESS Out of Control in Your in Your Cleaning Company

Introduction: What is Out of Control?

In the latest live session of the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast, hosted by the dynamic Mike Campion, the audience eagerly gathered to engage in a candid discussion about the challenges faced by cleaning company owners. The focus of the week was unveiled – dealing with issues seemingly out of control within cleaning companies. The first question came from Crystal, a cleaning business owner, struggling with maintaining control over her training system.

The Misconception about Training

In addressing Crystal’s concerns, Mike Campion highlighted a common misconception among cleaning company owners – putting too much emphasis on training videos and manuals. Mike emphasized that cleaning is a transferable skill that can be taught quickly. The real challenge, according to Mike, lies in motivation, not ability. Encouraging owners to hire individuals who align with the company’s core values, Mike advocated for setting realistic expectations and valuing repeatable, scalable, and dependable results over perfection.

Reina's Core Values Dilemma

Building on Crystal’s question, Reina raised concerns about hiring individuals whose actions didn’t align with their initially identified core values. Mike advised a meticulous hiring process involving multiple interviews in various settings to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential hires. He stressed the importance of clarity in core values and effective communication.

Adrian's Struggle with Balancing Time and Revenue

The spotlight then shifted to Adrian, who expressed challenges in maintaining order in his cleaning business while struggling to generate more revenue. Mike, drawing on the need for clarity in goals, urged Adrian to define his specific objectives. Whether it’s maximizing profit, revenue growth, or time management, setting clear goals is the first step to overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The Age-Old Question: Spending Money to Make Money?

In a thought-provoking twist, Reina raised the age-old question: “Do you need to spend money to make money?” Mike eloquently shared his perspective, likening it to the saying “practice makes perfect.” Money, according to Mike, is an accelerant – it can speed up growth if used wisely. He emphasized the need for aligning spending with specific business goals, whether it be for advertising, marketing, or hiring assistance.

Conclusion: Navigating the Cleaning Business Landscape

As the live Q&A session wrapped up, Cleaning Nation members gained valuable insights into common challenges faced by cleaning company owners. Mike provided a roadmap for navigating the complex terrain of the cleaning business. Whether it’s training systems, core values, time management, or financial investments, the key takeaway is the importance of clarity, alignment with goals, and strategic decision-making. Cleaning Nation, armed with these insights, is better equipped to overcome obstacles and thrive in the cleaning industry.
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