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Episode 845

Using Your Higher Faculties to Problem Solve Part II: Episode 845


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Episode 845 – Using Your Higher Faculties to Problem Solve Part II: Episode 845

Today on the podcast, we have the second part of the podcast with Mike and Suzanne. They are talking about how to problem solve using your higher faculties. If you didn’t listen to the last episode, we recommend you do to get caught up on the conversation. But if you didn’t, the six higher faculties are: will, reason, perception, imagination, creativity, and inspiration. During this podcast, they continue to break down each of these qualities and how they can be helpful in problem-solving and getting the things that you want out of business and out of life.

Use Your Will to Work in Your Favor

Will is one of our higher faculties. If used to serve us, we can put our mind to something difficult and our will can help us dig in our heels and keep going when it gets hard. We can also use our will against us. If we decide that being right is more important than moving on, preserving a relationship, or being open to learning, our will can be a tool that creates more harm than good in our lives and in our business if we fight for our limitations. It’s an important distinction to be aware of.

Imagination and Memory

Suzanne doesn’t go too much into memory because there are many books that expound on how to take advantage of that higher faculty. If you’d like to improve it, go to them and you’ll learn a lot. Imagination can be used to visualize what you want without having all the pieces to the puzzle. For example, Walt Disney imagined Disneyland before he ever had the property, the money, the people to run it, etc. But because he used his imagination to his advantage, he was able to fill in the details as he went because of this very visual skill he put into place along with, I imagine, several of the other higher faculties including will and creativity.


Intuition is a feeling that you get that you can’t always explain on paper. You’ll meet someone and have this instant connection and understanding with them. Or you’ll meet someone who, based on your five senses, should be great but there is something you don’t trust or like about them and you can’t put it into words. Or you go to a new town and your intuition tells you this is where you should move, not because of a logical list of reasons but because of how you feel. Intuition can be tricky to recognize at first, but like all higher faculties, it will get stronger the more that you use it. 

Final Thoughts: Using your higher faculties can help you elevate your problem-solving, reactions, and critical thinking to take you to a different level in life and in your business. 

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