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Episode 844

Using Your Higher Faculties to Problem Solve Part 1: Episode 844


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Episode 844 – Using Your Higher Faculties to Problem Solve Part 1: Episode 844

Today on the podcast, we have one of our excellent mindset coaches Suzanne chatting with Mike about what isn’t going the way that you want in your business, and how can you use your higher faculties to make some change. They go through how we create our reality and how to change that reality to reflect that life we want to lead and develop the business we want to build. This is a great podcast to really help you realize where you need to take action and move forward.

How You Create Your Reality

For most of us, we have been trained to perceive our reality using our five senses. If we think and talk about how there isn’t enough money in the bank account, our ears will hear that and our brains will process that information as lack. If we see a schedule full of more things than we think we can get done in the day, our eyes will process that information as overwhelming. We see all these places where we feel stuck, but we continue to process our reality with those same five senses without really getting clear on what the problem is, and what solutions might be possible.

Our Six Higher Faculties

Suzanne has been heavily influenced in her mindset training by Bob Proctor who died earlier this year. One of the things she learned from him is what he called the higher faculties. The higher faculties are a different set of tools all of us has to perceive and create our reality outside of our five senses. The six higher faculties are: perception, will, intuition, memory, reason, and imagination.


The first on the list is ‘reason’. If something isn’t going the way we’d like it to, we have the ability to think for ourselves about alternative solutions. We aren’t like the proverbial fly who is flying into the glass over and over again because it doesn’t have the ability to reason. We can take a step back, re-evaluate what is happening, and make different decisions moving forward. The next


Perception, how someone views a particular circumstance, is going to go hand in hand with how they feel about that circumstance. For example, if your perception of your current money situation is one of lack, where you feel like you are never going to have enough money, your actions are going to follow that line of thinking. You are probably more stressed about money, more easily jealous of others with money, feel pressure to hustle to make more, worry about there never being enough, etc. On the other hand, if you decide to look at your money as working for you from a place of abundance, you are going to feel much better about your situation and be more productive and effective at finding ways to grow and multiply your money in a generous and calm way. Your perception really does make all the difference. 

Final Takeaway: Rather than just using your five senses to create your reality, use the higher faculties of reason, perception, will, imagination, memory, and intuition 

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