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Episode 154

Using Landing Pages to Increase Your Cleaning Company Leads: Episode 154: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 154 – Using Landing Pages to Increase Your Cleaning Company Leads

Want more cleaning company leads? Essie Powell owner of CRP Cleaning does! Mike coaches her on how to use landing pages alongside your website to generate more leads for your cleaning company. Mike starts by explaining how a landing page differs from your website and how you can leverages those differences to get more cleaning company leads. Your website has multiple pages, lots of information on you and your company and typically multiple calls to action. A landing page typically is one page with a single option the visitor can either do or not do. Your website might ask the visitor to call, email, click for a free quote, sign up for a newsletter, chat or fill out a form on the website to get more information. A landing page might simply give them the opportunity to enter their email address in exchange for a free information product, checklist or high value/ easily delivered piece of content. Typically there will be no other options on the page. BONUS LOVIN: For More on How to do This Check out This Video- Cleaning Company Website Design When looking to optimize cleaning company leads, you want to use the right tool for your specific goal. Your website will generate those leads differently than landing pages. One of the benefits of landing pages is the ability to specialize and speak to a very specific audience. Because landing pages are easy to make, you can create multiple pages for each market you want to generate cleaning company leads from. BONUS LOVIN: Wanna create all the landing pages you want in minutes? CLICK HERE You might have a landing page for residential and one for commercial. You could even take it to the next level and have landing pages for property managers, restaurants, gym’s, lawyers, medical- the sky is the limit. EVEN MORE BONUS LOVIN: More cleaning company leads with niches- Niche Market Strategy Your main website would still have all of the information about you and your company and would remain very general. Imagine how many more cleaning company leads you could generate with a bunch of websites with URL’s like Of course on each landing page you could speak directly to the pain of those exact people. The goal is for them to know they are in the right spot by the web address, the ad sending them to your landing page and all of the sales copy and lead magnet on the landing page. It gives you the opportunity to speak to one specific niche that you can’t do on your main website. The beautiful thing is when someone does give you their contact information for your lead magnet on a very specific landing page is you have a pretty good chance that they are an excellent, ready to buy, cleaning company lead. Once Mike and Essie have all of the fun they can have talking about how to generate cleaning company leads with landing pages, Mike gives Essie a chance to share her stuff in the…

Lightning Round:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Whatever you do in life, do it well.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Being personal.

Can you share one idea people can use to improve their lives or businesses TODAY?

Always remember that without the client satisfaction, we don’t have a business. Getting value out of the podcast/ video and blogs? Here is your chance to give back and contribute- comment below on your best way to get cleaning company leads…
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