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Episode 628

Using Facebook vs Google Ads for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 628


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Episode 628 – Using Facebook vs Google Ads for Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! We are here today with the very intelligent Jackson Pinkoski. He is here to talk about how he runs paid traffic for our Next Level clients.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

The biggest difference between Google and Facebook is the mindset of the customer. On Facebook, people are not actively searching for your service. They are generally procrastinators and will find your service by scrolling through their feed. Because of this, your main goal with Facebook is to hit your certain target market. You can refine your target market by age, gender, location, interests, etc. Your audience on Facebook will be a little bit colder so it is important that you communicate your value to the customer so your ad can grab their attention. However, your audience is much larger so you can reach a lot more people with your ad than Google.

Advantages of Google Ads

Google has some great advantages. One thing you can do on Google is list your phone number so as soon as someone sees your ad they can call you right off the bat. You can also change the way your domain looks so you can tailor it to each type of person.

Tips on How to Use Facebook and Google Ads

A big tip for Facebook ads is to show value to customers and viewers. A huge opportunity for residential cleaning companies is to direct your ad to a chat messenger. This allows you to immediately start a conversation with a potential customer. You can even set up automated messages so it doesn’t take a lot out of your day. For commercial cleaning companies, Google ads can take a little bit longer than Facebook ads. When you first start, you don’t want to spend a ton of money. The best way to go is to spend a little bit of money on a broad search. By doing this you will find out what keywords best suit your business and from then on can target those. This will bring your target market to you and bring you better leads.

Jackson’s Biggest Tip and Warning

Jackson’s biggest tip to anyone starting out with ads is to go to and start an account. There you can watch a walkthrough and start your ads at five dollars a day for your local area. The biggest warning Jackson gives is to not be afraid of starting your ads. The risk is very minimal but can have a huge reward and impact on your business.

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