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Episode 868

Using Clarity to Create Goals That Matter to YOU: Episode 868


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Episode 868 – Using Clarity to Create Goals That Matter to YOU: Episode 868

Today on the podcast, we have Mike here chatting with Olivia Kaye. Olivia started Zest Cleaning Company in January 2022 in Walla Walla, Washington. She’s here today to talk to Mike about how to move into her second year of business as the CEO of her company, rather than someone working in the business or cleaning. She and Mike talk about the clarity she needs in order to make this change effectively and what to think about before she does so. This is such a great reminder to plan the future of your business intentionally.

How to Get Clear on Your Goals

Instead of just taking ‘getting out of cleaning’ as an answer, Mike pushes Olivia a little further and asks her what she wants to feel at the end of it. What is she hoping to get or feel once she accomplishes that goal? Reverse engineering is the best way to know what needs to change in order to get the results that we want. In her case, she said she wanted to move into purely commercial cleaning because she wants to give her employees a consistent schedule so that she can be reliable with her staff and keep them and her happy. Not only that, but recurring pays much better and is less of a hustle because she doesn’t have to constantly be finding new clients. By understanding what she wants out of this, she is able to get clear on exactly what needs to happen for her to get the result she really wants.

Get to at least an Eight In Clarity Before You Make Any Decisions

Once they hashed out exactly what Olivia wanted, Mike asked her how clear she was on the vision for her business next year. She said she was at about an eight. Mike recommends that everyone in cleaning nation be at least an eight out of ten on the scale before they make any big decisions. This means you are very clear on what you want, and because of that, very clear on what your first step is. The more clear you can be, the easier it is going to be for you to make the decisions that are going to propel you in the right direction.

Being Rich is More About Mindset Than a Dollar Amount

When it comes to making all these decisions, it is so important to be clear on what you want to be able to do/how you want to feel at the end of all of it. If you have a goal of a dollar amount, ask yourself why that amount. What will you be able to do when you make that much money that you can’t do now? How will it improve your life? What do you hope to be able to do with it? The more clear you can get around all that, the more motivation you will have to pursue that goal, and the more clarity you will have about what it all means to you when you get it. 

Final Takeaway: Reverse engineer your why, this is the power of achieving goals for the right reasons. 

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