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Episode 860

Using Change to Your Advantage: Episode 860


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Episode 860 – Using Change to Your Advantage: Episode 860

Today on the podcast, Mike is chatting with Maureen Fox of Maureen cleans green. She started her cleaning business in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2006 and just recently relocated to Bedford, New Hampshire. She is here to talk to Mike about her new move and some of the struggles that come with that change. They talk about the importance of perspective, client attraction funnels, and what to avoid in entrepreneurship.

Perspective is 90% of the Battle

One of the reasons Maureen moved to Bedford, New Hampshire is because she was having a hard time getting people to pay fair pricing in Tulsa. And something Mike points in during this part of the conversation is that we will always find what we are looking for. He tells the story of the man walking through town and passes a new man who has just gotten to town. The new man asks him if it is a good town and in answer, the first man asks if he liked the last town. The new man said that no, the previous town was full of idiots. The first man replies that this new town is also full of idiots. The man walks on and passes another man who is new to town. This man also asks what the new town is like and the walking man asks him the same question. This man answers that he loved his last town, which was full of great people. The walking man responded that he will find that in this new town as well. The point here is, we will always find what we are looking for.

Two Schools of Thought for New Clients

When it comes to getting new clients, there are two schools of thought. The first is, you can get referrals up to a certain point. The pro to this method is that it is free. It requires no marketing dollars to let people know that you have a cleaning business and are accepting new clients. However, it isn’t scalable. Setting up a client attraction funnel is essential to growing your business beyond a small-scale business. You can’t grow a million-dollar business just based off of word of mouth referrals.

Don’t Chase Shiny Objects if You Want to Make Money

It can be tempting when you are starting to see some success from your business to start to chase other shiny objects or to scratch that entrepreneurial itch. Mike recommends doing things you know best. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend a bunch of money to learn new things and fail over and over again, and there’s still no guarantee it’s going to work. If you want to make more money, do something grounded, boring, and foolproof, not something new and risky. Your chances for success will greatly improve. 

Final Takeaway: Keep a clear perspective, build a client attraction funnel, and don’t chase shiny objects. 

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