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Episode 861

Use the Pain in Your Business to Make a Change: Episode 861


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Episode 861 – Use the Pain in Your Business to Make a Change: Episode 861

Today on the podcast, we have Mike and Pilar of PJ’s Housecleaning in October 2019 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. They have built their customer base to up to 100 customers and hope to double that in the next year. They joined Cleaning Nation after having a hard time retaining employees and feeling like they had a lack of systems in order to grow effectively. Listen in as they chat with Mike about their journey to get to where they are today and how they are going to continue growing.

What Needed to Change

In the case of Mike and Pilar, one of their biggest issues when they came to us what that they weren’t hiring for core values and they weren’t looking for the right kind of client. It is SO common for people to come to us exhausted because they hire anyone who shows up and takes on any client who comes their way. This leads to a cycle of hiring employees who aren’t a fit and having a bunch of clients who don’t jive with us and our goals. By coming into the program and learning the power of hiring using a system and hiring for core values, they’ve been able to create a company that is scalable and that they actually enjoy working in.

How to Get Out of Cleaning

In the case of Mike and Pilar, because they have a bigger client base and have been hiring in core values, it’s going to take longer to do a reset on their team until they create a team that can allow them to get completely out of cleaning for good. That can happen sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One of the things that can really help this whole process is to hire only part-time employees. That allows the workload to be spread more evenly around so that one person isn’t taking on so much that they are harder to replace. When you hire with core values, it will happen even less because you will all be working towards the same goals.

Use the Pain to Drive You to Make a Change

When your body is in pain, it is telling you something. If you break a bone and you just ignore that pain, chances are that pain won’t go away on its own. If you go to a doctor, they can look into that pain and help you to fix it. But only if you are willing to do something to fix it. Crutches, a cast, rest, whatever it might be. The same goes for your business. If there is a pain in your business, leaving it alone won’t make it better. If you go to someone who can fix it, that is where you are going to start to make a change and see a difference. But you have to be willing to do something to fix it.

Final Takeaway: If you can anticipate the potential problems in your business, you will be able to get the help you need when they come. 

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