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Episode 561

Unlimited Traffic for YOUR Cleaning Company with Jackson Pinkoski: Episode 561: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 561 – Unlimited Traffic for YOUR Cleaning Company

Today we have Jackson, who runs Facebook ads and knows a lot about driving traffic. He came from an agency where he runs millions of dollars on ad spend on Facebook and Instagram per month. He will discuss with us some facts, pros and cons, and more about Facebook traffic.

You can run ads on different social media platforms, but what you need to focus on is the traffic and the conversion. First there’s two ways to get traffic, organic and paid. Organic reach is awesome because you don’t have to pay for it, but it takes a long time to spool up and it is hard to scale. Whereas paid traffic scales nicely.

Why Run Paid Ads on Facebook?

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Facebook is a massive beast. It has the widest market reach and is a better platform for ads. Plus everybody or almost everybody is on Facebook.

Pros & Cons of Paid Ads:

There are a lot of both pros and cons in running Facebook paid ads. Here is an example of both.

When you have the budget but you’re unable to hire people to do it for you, it is okay. There are a lot of learning resources online. There’s a lot of great Facebook Groups that help people run their ads and they help do it effectively.

You would always have this voice at the back of your mind saying, “I might spend this much money and not really fully know what I am doing.”

This is what you have to challenge. You have to shift your mindset because every time you spend advertising dollars on Facebook, 98% of the time it’s not a waste. You’re going be generating some data: customer data, lead data, and engagement on your business page entirely. That’s valuable.

How to Have Unlimited Traffic or Budget for Your Cleaning Company:

First and foremost you’ve got to track data. If you don’t know how much you’ve spent, you don’t know what the conversion is. You are then doing Facebook poorly and it won’t work. You need to have data. You need to know how much it costs you to acquire a customer and know their lifetime value. Then create a funnel.

Once you have a funnel, half of it will add traffic and the other half will convert. Your funnel will convert strangers to clients, then you will now have unlimited budget.

How Do I Do it on My Own?

You can do marketing and ads on your own by using Facebook Marketers Blueprint. It’s a course that can help you gain skills and be a marketing professional. It is free!

Mindful tip from Jackson:

If you’re just starting out, don’t hire a big agency and think they’re going to save your business. Agencies are expensive and marketing is never guaranteed- it’s no magic wand. Agencies can help you automate but cannot help you kick start your business!

Important Note:

So many people get valuable information but they don’t know that it’s valuable and don’t know how to use it, and then it becomes wasted. The money you spend on Facebook ads won’t be wasted if you know what you’re doing.

If you have a good process set up, you can succeed far more times than when you find failure!

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