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Episode 598

Unlimited Leads for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 598


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Episode 598 – Unlimited Leads for Your Cleaning Company

I am super excited because today we have Jackson on our call. We are going to talk about how to get all of the leads you need.

Struggling to get leads can be one of the most frustrating things. It causes 99% of the issues when it comes to our business growing. Normally all of the things we blame our business for not growing really comes down to one thing, not having enough leads. If you had an infinite amount of leads you could get all of the business you want. You could hire all of the people you want, charge whatever you want, or even be a horrible salesperson and you would still get business!

This brings me to introducing Jackson to you guys. Jackson is our superglue. He has a lot of jobs here at Grow My Cleaning Company including being in charge of helping our Next Level clients get leads.

The number one frustration our clients have is they do one thing once and immediately go into my ads aren’t working and thinking “Google and Facebook don’t like me”. This immediately makes them give up. Even if your ads didn’t work well the first time you still learned something. You learned what people didn’t like and what people did like.

There is not one perfect path for every person but you want to make sure your main goal is to make clients understand that you are what they need, connect with them. One of the best assets of having these ads is you get the opportunity to collect their emails.

Ads give you the opportunity to collect a ton of leads which is what you need to scale your business. Sometimes we find people relying on their few recurring clients to come to them. That’s fine if you want 2 people a month but if you want that huge business you need hundreds of leads.

So how do I collect these leads? We need a valuable ad. Something eye catching that the client can relate to. During the learning phases it takes a little bit of time. In doing so, you learn what your ads need to make your prospects trust you and give you their information. A way to do this is to offer a free sample of your service which can be either information or a free/discounted cleaning service. Now you have their information down for potential cleanings and contracts in the future.

Some examples of information you can give out are:

  • The best product to use in your home.
  • How to clean (your counters, carpets, ovens, etc.) 
  • Hacks to make their cleaning easier. 

Our favorite thing we get to do is live events. In two weeks we are doing a FULL two-day live event where we will share more information about how to build your business and the best part is you don’t even have to pay until AFTER the event!

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