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Episode 808

Understanding the Difference Between Google and Facebook Ads: Episode 808


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Episode 808 – Understanding the Difference Between Google and Facebook Ads

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Jackson, one of our two in-house marketers. He is here today to discuss the difference between advertising with Google ads and Facebook ads. Learn the pros and cons of each and where to start with these essential advertising tools. Listen in to see what would work best for your business!

Pros for Google Ads

Google Ads are great for when people are looking specifically for cleaning. They want to look up a business and check out the reviews and get some proof that this company is worth hiring before they commit. Google ad words work great for this. When they search “cleaner near me”, you can ensure that your name pops right up making it more likely that they will view your business and check it out. It is a way to get directly in front of an audience that already knows exactly what they’re looking for. Now you are just there to seal the deal.

Pros for Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to target your audience in a very different way. Here, you can target a cold audience or people who don’t even know they want cleaning. You can target them and attract them by creating compelling ads that interest them and make them start thinking that maybe getting a cleaner would be a good idea. Facebook ads also allow you to target more specifically the audience you want to get in front of, for example, double-income families who make over a certain amount of money per year.

Making Sure Your Facebook Ads Are Presented Correctly

With Facebook, you are taking your potential customers on more of a journey than Google ads. When they scroll through Facebook, they aren’t scrolling to see your ad, they don’t even want it. So it is your job to create an ad that is engaging or intriguing enough that they will stop their scroll and check it out. Once you have their attention enough to click on the ad, it is ESSENTIAL that your copy on your ad matches the flow, look, and messaging of your landing page. For example, if your ad is advertising a free clean this Friday, then when they click on your ad is it advertising 20% off, it’s confusing. They don’t know what offer they’re getting, and you don’t know what offer they really came for since you have more than one option available.

Target Google Ads Effectively

Once someone clicks on a Google ad, it’s important that you take them to a page where they can quickly and easily get ahold of you. They already know what they want. When they click on your ad, it’s because they have made the decision to contact you. If the contact information isn’t readily available or it isn’t something quick like a phone call or chat option, chances are they are going to move on to the next person on Google because they want to solve their problem NOW. Keep this in mind when creating the customer journey for someone who has clicked on a Google ad.

Data is Worth the Money

Even if you don’t get direct leads from your ads, using a few hundred dollars well and wisely will get you lots of data on potential customers which will allow you to better target in the future. It is not money lost, it is put into education, knowledge, and a better understanding of who your audience is and what ads they respond to. 

Final Takeaway: Understanding the difference between Google and Facebook ads is critical to using them effectively. 

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