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Episode 949

Understanding Customer Needs and Framing Positive Mindsets: Episode 949


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Episode 949 – Understanding Customer Needs and Framing Positive Mindsets

In this episode, Mike coaches two Next Level clients on sales conversations. First up, Robert mentions that some customers have commented that the price is too high, but he is able to persuade them to go ahead with the service by highlighting the extra services offered. Mike advises Robert not to focus too much on the company’s features and benefits, as customers are more concerned with their own problems. Instead, he suggests that Robert should try to understand the customer’s specific needs and frame the service in a way that addresses those needs. Mike emphasizes that if Robert’s current approach is working and he and his clients are happy, there is no need to change it.

However, Mike goes on to suggest that for those who are struggling with sales, it may be helpful to focus on the customer’s needs and problems instead of the company’s features and benefits. He advises against using language like “we’re the best” and instead encourages salespeople to show understanding and empathy for the customer’s needs.

Next up is Don, who Mike coaches about changing one’s frame of mind to be more effective in conversations. He suggests that by changing the frame, one can be more successful in conversations, whether with clients or in personal life. Instead of focusing on a negative frame, such as price increases or a difficult conversation, he suggests changing the frame to something more positive or productive, such as the belief that the conversation will go well or that the client will be happy with the outcome.

Mike emphasizes that the frame is not necessarily true, but rather a tool for success in communication. By changing the frame, one can approach the conversation with a more productive and positive mindset, which will make them more successful in their communication. Mike also notes that changing the frame is 80% of the battle, and that focusing on what to say and how to say it is not as important as having the right frame of mind.

In conclusion, changing one’s frame of mind can have a significant impact on the success of conversations, whether in business or personal life. By focusing on positive and productive frames, one can approach conversations with a better mindset, making them more successful in their communication. Whether it’s addressing customer needs or navigating difficult conversations, changing the frame can make all the difference.

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