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Episode 883

Two Truths & a Lie that will make or break your Cleaning Company: Episode 883


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Episode 883 – Two Truths & a Lie that will make or break your Cleaning Company: Episode 883

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Eva and Keith Underwood. These two lovely people are graduates of our Elite program and started Green Up 2 Clean Up in 2007. This is the second try on this podcast since the first one wasn’t recorded accidentally, so this podcast is the second try and even better than the first! Listen in to learn about the experience of someone who had been in business for a long time and decided it was time to finally do something different. Learn what changes they made and the influence it has had on them as people and their company as a whole.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

After years of steady business for Eva and Keith, things started to change during the pandemic, as they did for so many other businesses. They started to feel it a necessary next step was to put Keith back into cleaning. But if you stop and look at what was happening, it was two things. Their business started to regress as they had trouble maintaining employees, and their revenue started to drop as a result. The issue arose when they started to tell themselves the only choice was to put Keith back into cleaning, and that really had nothing to do with anything. This is a common thing lots of us do when we run into issues. We start to tell ourselves because a and b are happening, our only choice is c. But that is never the case. C can be lots of things, it’s just a matter of choosing to be creative and do things differently.

Pick Your Truth

Something we don’t usually understand is that WE choose our truth. It doesn’t choose us. If the truth that we are believing is limiting us, choose a different truth to believe. Decide to believe that you are going to find the perfect employees for your company, or that there is a surplus of people looking for jobs, or we are going to do everything we can to get the tools to stay out of cleaning no matter what. They are all truths, you just have to choose ones that move you in the direction you’re hoping to go.

Change the Rules

Just Like you have the power to change your truth, you have the power to change the rules. If most people do it one way, it doesn’t mean you have to step in line and do the same. Get clear on what you want out of your business, then question everything. Question what kind of employer you’re going to be, what you are going to bring to the table to keep people working for you, and how you are going to attract and keep those employees. Breaking the rules can make you stand out in a refreshing and attractive way that will actually attract not only more employees but the right kind of employees to add value to your company culture. But questioning everything is step #1. 

Final Takeaway: You don’t have to keep believing limiting beliefs and following rules that don’t help you. Chose your thoughts intentionally then make them true. 

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