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Episode 777

Trust Yourself and Trust Your Team: Episode 777


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Episode 777 – Trust Yourself and Trust Your Team

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Jason Johnson here chatting with Mike. Jason has been a long-time member of the Clean Profit Method and part of Millionaire Mastermind for years. Recently, we had a Grow My Cleaning Company event where he taught about the way he navigated people quitting through covid, what he learned and how he handled it.

We Doubled Our Profit in Three Months

When Jason and his wife, Kim, came to us, the first thing they learned was that they needed to raise their prices and bill forward. Just by making that one change, they were able to double their profit in three months. That was with zero growth, just letting their current clients know that they were raising their prices. The most amazing part (and we see this all the time) is that they didn’t lose any of their clients. From there, the momentum kept growing.

If Your Business Runs For a Couple of Weeks Smoothly, You’re Retired

One thing our clients are tempted to do is to go back into the office even if they don’t need to be there. So, for example, Jason went to Mexico for a couple of weeks and came back and everything was running totally smoothly. Out of habit and because he was used to being involved in the day-to-day, he went back to the office. When the boss is in the office, the employees are more likely to defer to her or him so they just take a step back. But if you are able to stay out of the office and things run totally smoothly, then stay out of the office! That’s the definition of being retired.

Creating a Team with Core Values is the Key to Stepping Away from Your Business

When covid his was when Jason really learned the value of having hired a team with similar core values. When his operations manager’s husband got sick and ended up passing away from covid, he was able to reach out to other people in the company and ask them to step up. And because they had that culture, things continued to run smoothly. When his night shift coordinator got covid and was out for 10 days, the rest of the team was able to step up. That is the beauty of building a culture rather than hiring the first person that will work for what you are willing to pay them.

When You Hire Someone, Give Them Freedom in That Role

One of the biggest things Jason has had to learn is trusting the people he hires and giving them freedom within thier role to make it thier own. That is where really autonomy lies.

Final Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to raise your prices, hire a culture of people, and give those people the trust and the freedom to grow within ther roles.  

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