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Episode 1021

Transforming Cleaners into Trainers and Enhancing Value for Cleaning Company Clients: Episode 1021


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Episode 1021 – Transforming Cleaners into Trainers and Enhancing Value for Cleaning Company Clients


In a recent coaching session hosted by Mike Campion, the topic of training and client value enhancement took center stage. Mike provided insights and practical ideas for cleaning company owners looking to elevate their services and foster client loyalty.

Everyone Should Be a Trainer

Mike emphasized the importance of turning employees into trainers. He suggested that every team member, regardless of their role, should be involved in training. This approach not only adds value to employees but also improves their investment in the company. By assigning the task of training newcomers, employees gain a sense of responsibility and authority, ultimately benefiting the company’s growth.

The Power of Core Values

Mike highlighted the significance of instilling core values in employees. By recognizing and valuing each team member’s contributions, the company can boost morale and productivity. Mike’s approach to leadership involves treating employees as equals and encouraging them to take on leadership roles, which, in turn, positively impacts how they perceive themselves and their relationship with the company.

Training Efficiency

When it comes to training, Mike stressed the importance of efficiency and consistency. He explained that the cleaning process remains largely the same across different locations. Training should focus on the fundamentals, with some adjustments to adapt to specific facilities. By providing standardized training, the company ensures that employees can perform their tasks effectively, regardless of the location.

Adding Value to Clients

The discussion then shifted to adding more value to clients. Mike advised cleaning company owners to start by defining their goals. What do they want to achieve by enhancing client value? Is it increased profits, reduced turnover, or improved customer satisfaction? Having clear objectives is crucial for deciding where to invest time and resources.

Avoiding Unnecessary Changes

Mike cautioned against making changes just for the sake of it. It’s essential to assess whether the changes align with the desired outcomes. Instead of constant tinkering, business owners should focus on specific, impactful improvements that contribute to their defined goals.

Embrace Downtime

Finally, Mike encouraged business owners to embrace downtime. Sometimes, it’s necessary to step back, assess your goals, and determine how best to move forward. Being overly active without a clear plan can lead to unnecessary stress and ineffectiveness.

In conclusion, this coaching session with Mike Campion provides valuable insights for cleaning company owners looking to enhance client value and streamline their training processes. By focusing on clear goals and avoiding unnecessary changes, business owners can create a more efficient and rewarding work environment while delivering exceptional service to their clients.

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