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Episode 915

Top Marketing Tips From Our Top In-House Marketer: Episode 915


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Top Marketing Tips From Our Top In-House Marketer
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Episode 915 – Top Marketing Tips From Our Top In-House Marketer

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with one of our wonderful in house marketers Callum. Callum works directly with our clients on almost a daily basis, and part of his job is to answer all their marketing questions and send them in the right direction. He understands the pain of a cleaning company owner better than most. Listen in as they chat about Calum’s top tips for advertising.

Marketing is a crucial aspect for any business to succeed. However, many people make the mistake of starting with the media before even knowing where they want to go with their marketing. Marketers often focus on the media and how to reach customers through various platforms, such as Facebook ads, email copy, or local service ads, without having a clear message. This leads to ineffective marketing and the waste of resources.
The key to successful marketing is to start with the client and to have a clear message. The message is the most important aspect of marketing as it will determine whether your marketing efforts will be effective or not. The message must resonate with your target audience and solve a problem that they have. It is essential to delve deep and understand who your target audience is and what they need. Once you have a clear message, you can then choose the best media to reach your audience. A great message can work on any platform, while a weak message will not succeed regardless of the platform. Remember, the solution is more important than the service, and the message must drive where you choose to put your marketing efforts.

Starting a successful digital marketing campaign begins with understanding your target audience and the problems they need solved. Identifying where your clients are spending their time online is crucial, as it allows you to tailor your content and messaging to the platform they are on. Whether it be podcasts, social media, or video, make sure to focus on your strengths as a business and create content that showcases your solution to their pain points. Additionally, it’s important to have a seamless back-end process in place to handle the influx of leads that will come from your marketing efforts. By putting your clients first, and focusing on solving their problems, you’ll be on the path to creating a successful and profitable digital marketing campaign.

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