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Episode 678

Top 3 Ad Traffic Mistakes Cleaning Company Owners Make: Episode 678


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Episode 678 – Top 3 Ad Traffic Mistakes Cleaning Company Owners Make

Today we have another Episode of the J versus J podcast. I have Jackson and Jered, both of them are our Ad Traffic Gurus here. Jered helps our Elite members while Jackson helps our Next Level and Millionaire Mastermind clients.

We will talk about a problem that a lot of our clients and many cleaning company owners have which is their ad traffic. We will be covering the top three of these ad traffic mistakes.

The Biggest Ad Mistakes that Cleaning Company Owners Make

Most of our clients in the Millionaire Mastermind, Next Level, and Elite groups have the same issues over and over again.

1. Giving up too early – Most owners want to advertise on Google or Facebook. People will put a little budget aside for that. They will put up their ads, sit and wait for their phone to ring. When their phone doesn’t ring, they will give up easily.

They need to understand that if they are launching or doing something new, that is going to take a bit of time to figure out if it’s going to work or not. It will take time and some adjustments.

2. The owner makes it about themself – When the owners of cleaning companies assume that people want to just hear about their business, they will say things like:

  • This is why we’re great.
  • This is why we are wonderful.
  • This is why you
  • should choose us.
  • This is why we’re better than other people.

The truth is, when someone’s on Facebook, they’re not logging on thinking, “I hope a cleaning company is going to brag about themselves today.” Instead, they’re completely thinking the opposite.

As soon as they get bored, they will leave the platform. As soon as they are intrigued by something they will click that link.

Our solution is to take a look at what ads they’re currently running, or what they have ran in the past, and how they have performed. When we dive into their accounts, most of the time we can easily see what’s the error on their advertisement.

What mindset should you have?

Your mind is all about you and what you’re going through and what you want to see and what relates to you. By creating ads that speak to your target audience, you know what their pain is, you know what they’re thinking about, and you know why people hire cleaners. It’s not just because they want a clean the house, they want the benefits of a clean house and not having to do it themselves. This is the magic trick. You offer more to their lives, and you can start to tap into that.

Data Collection

What’s nice about online marketing is that data is being collected. You are able to look at data and see what issues are happening, and by then you can make changes. Based on how much you’re spending, data will come in faster. If you’re spending lots of money, you can get data quickly and make changes.

Jered's Advice

If you’re new to this, I wouldn’t recommend putting a bunch of money up all upfront for your first swing up at-bat. Instead, give yourself those couple pitches to get used to what’s happening and start to see if this pitch seems a little high, or this pitch seems a little low, or this was quicker than I thought it was going to be.

By that information, you can time your swing to get it. Essentially, you’re launching something, giving it a few days to watch data, and then you’ll see:

  • Are people clicking? Or if they’re clicking?
  • Are they staying on my website long?
  • Are they filling out the form on my website?

And from there, that’s where you’re going to make your changes, not just sit and wait and hope that as you spend more money on Google you’ll figure it out.

Jackson's Advice

Anytime you’re doing any type of marketing, don’t look at it from the standpoint of a business owner. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and what would you see daily that makes you like ads, what was the last ad you clicked and why did you click it? Was it because it was some company just talking about themselves over and over again? Or was it a value add back to you beyond what you think just the company can do. That applies to cleaning companies because there is a lot more than just, “I’m gonna clean your home”, or “I’m gonna clean your apartment”. There’s much more that goes into it. That’s what you want to translate to people on the platform, whether it be Facebook or Google. Because if you don’t, you’re not going interact with the brand that just says “We’re the best so go with us” As opposed to, “We solve problems, we keep your house healthy, we keep you healthy, we give you time back in your day, you can spend your weekends with your family as opposed to cleaning your house”, concepts like that.

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