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Episode 736

Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist-Don’t Let Today Slip Away: Episode 736


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Episode 736 – Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist-Don’t Let Today Slip Away

Welcome Clean Nation! Today on the podcast Mike talks to our in house mindset ninja Tracey Thompson about something that comes up often when coaching our clients. Or more specifically, when we talk to people about coming into our program. They have discovered that those who are willing to make the decisions necessary for growth TODAY see exponentially more growth than those who don’t. Those who hum and ha and want to look at the decision from 74 different angles stay in their todays forever, because tomorrow never comes. Come learn why this is such an important concept for someone like you who is really looking to grow!

Tomorrow Will Never Come

The irony in saying you’ll wait until tomorrow to do something is that tomorrow doesn’t exist. Only right now ever exists, so when we tell ourselves tomorrow, it’s really never tomorrow. Even when it’s tomorrow, it’s not tomorrow. It’s right this red hot second. When you decide to do something and take action, that’s when it happens. It will never happen tomorrow. The tomorrow trap tells you that if you can just be a little more cautious, that if you can have a little more time to figure this out, that you can’t make this decision quickly, THEN you’ll know what to do. Once you understand the truth that tomorrow never comes, you can start taking action from a more productive, decisive mindset.

It Isn’t Deciding That Feels Bad, It’s Deciding Whether to Decide That Feels Bad

When we think we aren’t making a decision, it’s not true. We are actually deciding to stay in the pain we currently have that is keeping us in the life/situation we are in now. Actually making a decision to move in a direction instead of staying stagnant feels fantastic. It is the stress of deciding to decide that feels terrible. That’s why decisiveness is such a great trait to have as the owner of a business. You can get out of that decision pain faster and move forward with action. Remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for or you don’t take in your own life. And what you do get you don’t want because you didn’t ask for it.

Until You Make An Unshakable Decision, No Systems Or Process Can Help

A great example of this is the decision to get out of cleaning forever. It is something we hear about so often, but people aren’t fully committed to it. Until they are, we can give them all the systems and processes they want, but they aren’t any good if they have one foot in and one foot out. Often, we want to get out of cleaning and we make it an if, then scenario. If all my employees show up, I won’t clean. If all my clients are happy, then I won’t clean. But the truth is something is always going to come up. You have to make the decision that outside circumstances don’t affect your decision. Your decision has been made, and you will now focus your efforts on how to make sure you never clean again.

Take Action Today

Now, it’s time to put all we’ve been learning into practice. Start today, right now. Make a decision that you’ve been thinking about for a long time. It doesn’t have to be big and huge and scary, but make one decision today that you’ve been debating and take action. Never leave the scene of a decision without taking one action immediately towards that and adopt the new identity that goes along with that decision.

Final Takeaway: Tomorrow will never come, take action today.

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