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Episode 999

Tips on Transitioning from Airbnb to Residential Cleaning: Episode 999


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Episode 999
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Episode 999 – Tips on Transitioning from Airbnb to Residential Cleaning


In a recent coaching session, between Mike Campion and a member of the Clean Profit Elite, an important question was raised: Can a cleaning business owner seamlessly transition from serving Airbnb clients to focusing exclusively on residential houses? The complexities of this transition were explored, along with strategies to ensure a smooth shift without compromising profits. This blog post summarizes the key takeaways from the coaching session, shedding light on the mindset shift required and practical steps to achieve the desired transition.

Making the Decision: Defining Your Niche

The first step in transitioning from Airbnb clients to residential houses is to make a clear decision about your niche. The importance of niches in guiding decision-making was emphasized. Just as you decide not to lie, cheat, or steal, you should make a conscious decision about your target clientele. This eliminates the need for constant decision-making every time a new opportunity arises.

Setting Boundaries: Stop Accepting New Airbnb Clients

A straightforward strategy to implement immediately is to cease taking on new Airbnb clients. This decision helps you avoid diverting your focus and resources away from your chosen niche. By establishing this boundary, you streamline your business operations and eliminate the need for continuous evaluations of potential clients.

Transition Strategy: Handling Existing Airbnb Clients

Transitioning existing Airbnb clients to your new residential focus requires careful consideration. Several options were presented, ranging from gradual price increases to more direct communication about the transition. The key is to prioritize your core values and business goals while maintaining a respectful and ethical approach.

Pricing Strategy: Prioritizing Profitability

For both Airbnb and commercial cleaning, a pricing strategy that emphasizes profitability is crucial. The concept of supply and demand was highlighted, demonstrating the need to raise prices to balance demand. By increasing prices, you can better align your revenue with the effort and resources required to serve each client segment.

Balancing Client Access and Boundaries

Addressing client access and communication, it’s essential to set clear boundaries. While being responsive and attentive to your clients, designate specific communication channels and times for interaction. This prevents overwhelming yourself with constant client requests and helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Shifting Mindset: Overcoming Overwhelm

A significant part of this transition lies in the mindset. Overcoming feelings of overwhelm and managing stress was recognized as a challenge. Building a strong mindset through consistent practices, such as mindfulness and setting realistic expectations, can empower you to handle the transition more effectively.

Prioritizing Actions: A Step-by-Step Approach

To tackle this transition successfully, a prioritized action plan was proposed:

  • Raise prices for existing clients to align with your new niche.
  • Begin hiring cleaners to free up your time for strategic decisions.
  • Focus on acquiring new, profitable residential clients.
  • Eventually, address the high-cost commercial contracts.


Transitioning a cleaning business from serving Airbnb clients to focusing exclusively on residential houses requires a clear strategy, a strong mindset, and the willingness to set boundaries. By making deliberate decisions about your niche, implementing pricing strategies that prioritize profitability, and maintaining effective communication, you can navigate this transition with confidence. Remember, it’s not just about the tactical steps; a resilient mindset and thoughtful approach are equally crucial to ensuring your business’s success in the long run.
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