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Episode 1026

Tips on How to Streamline Operations in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1026


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Episode 1026 – Tips on How to Streamline Operations in Your Cleaning Company


Running a cleaning company with a growing team can be challenging, especially when it comes to overseeing new team members and ensuring they perform well. In a recent coaching discussion, Mike Campion addressed this issue, sharing valuable insights on how to get situated and prevent overwhelming situations. Let’s delve into his advice and how it can benefit cleaning company owners like you.

Delegate to a Customer Happiness Manager

Mike’s first recommendation is to hire a Customer Happiness Manager who will be responsible for checking on customers and monitoring the quality of work. This key team member will ensure that all cleaning tasks are completed according to the checklist and address any discrepancies. When there’s a significant issue, the Customer Happiness Manager can physically visit the location.

Establish a Clear Inspection Schedule

To prevent overwhelming the Customer Happiness Manager, Mike suggests establishing a clear inspection schedule. The frequency of checks depends on the number of visits per week. For instance, clients with four or more weekly visits should be checked once a week, while those with fewer visits can be inspected less frequently.

Create a Communication Schedule

In addition to inspections, it’s crucial to have a communication schedule. This involves regular check-ins with clients to gather feedback and address any concerns. The frequency of communication depends on the client’s visit frequency and the level of engagement they require.

Maintain a Systematic Approach

Mike emphasizes the importance of creating a systematic approach to handling client accounts. By categorizing clients based on their visit frequency and potential issues, you can effectively manage their needs. For example, clients with frequent visits may need more attention, while those with fewer visits can be checked less frequently.

Cross-Train Your Team

To ensure that responsibilities aren’t solely concentrated on one team member, Mike recommends cross-training. For instance, your scheduler can be trained to handle certain aspects of customer communication and inspections, providing backup support for the Customer Happiness Manager.

Transition Smoothly to New Hires

When bringing a Customer Happiness Manager onboard, it’s essential to transition smoothly. Avoid dumping existing chaos onto the new hire. Instead, work on creating a well-oiled system that can be easily passed on to anyone.

Empower Your Customer Happiness Manager

Mike advises that the Customer Happiness Manager should be empowered with the information needed to manage client accounts effectively. This includes detailed records of client history, feedback, and a clear understanding of inspection schedules.

Utilize Technology

Consider using technology, like spreadsheets, to streamline the management process. A spreadsheet that tracks client visit frequency, feedback, and other relevant details can be a powerful tool for both you and your Customer Happiness Manager.


By following Mike Campion’s advice and implementing these strategies, you can gain better control over your cleaning company’s operations. With a systematic approach, clear communication, and effective delegation, you can ensure customer satisfaction and ease the burden on your shoulders. Remember, a well-structured system can make your business more efficient and scalable, allowing you to focus on growth and providing exceptional service to your clients.
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