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Episode 760

Tips for When You’re First Starting Out: Episode 760


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Episode 760 – Tips for When You’re First Starting Out

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Tyler Malone of DustBuster, Kingston. Tyler just recently started his cleaning business in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in January of this year (2022) and plans on serving residential and commercial clients. Listen in as he and Mike chat about getting his business off the ground, best practices for all you newbies out there, and how to get the forward momentum from the very beginning.

Branding Isn’t a Priority When You’re First Starting Out

With Tyler just starting out, he’s trying to figure out the best way to build up his clientele and is wondering if branding is the best route for that. This is a super common question we get from people just starting out. They are in this space where they don’t have clients yet, so they want to start creating awareness, but they aren’t sure what comes first. What we have learned in many years of coaching people starting cleaning businesses is that people are much less worried about recognizing your name on a billboard and more worried about what you can do for them. If you can get their ear and make a connection, be reliable, follow through and do a great job, chances are they are going to want you to come back. It’s as simple as that. And from there, you start to get referrals and good reviews and all the good stuff that leads to your business growing, but initially, you are basically looking for someone to say yes to putting some money in your pocket. 

First, Understand Who Your Client Should Be

Before you can effectively get your first client, you need to be clear on who you are trying to attract. If you want to focus on elderly couples, your approach is going to be very different than if you are focusing on a dual-income family with no time which will be very different than if you want to clean commercial. And even depending on what kind or size of business can vary significantly. Once you understand who your client is, you can be more clear on knowing where and how to find them.

Add Value But Make Sure it Benefits You Too

There can be lots of ways to add value to your community while also getting people excited about what you can provide for them. If you are cleaning for your sister, she might be a comfortable place for you to start, but if you aren’t working towards a potential client, the value you’re adding probably isn’t propelling you towards your first client.

Final Takeaway: When you are first starting out, get clear on what kind of clients you want to attract, then get to work finding them.

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