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Episode 752

Tips for Starting Your Cleaning Business on the Right Foot: Episode 752


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Episode 752 – Tips for Starting Your Cleaning Business on the Right Foot

Welcome to the podcast cleaning nation! Today we have Mike talking to Shantise Marie of Meyer’s Clean Clubbin in August of 2021 in Detroit Michigan. She is here today to get some advice from Mike as someone who is just starting out on her cleaning journey. Listen in as they chat about the growing pains of getting off the ground. That grind that happens when you don’t have a team yet, you are in the thick of it and it all feels stressful and overwhelming. Whatever stage you are at in your business right now, I promise there is something in this episode for you!

Owning a Business vs Having a Job

So many people get into cleaning to have a business, not just another job. But if you start getting clients and just keep on cleaning with no real plan on how you are going to get out of cleaning, you just have another job. You are not running a business if you are cleaning 40 hours a week. Period. You have a cleaning job. In contrast, if you want to own a cleaning business, you have to be clear from the get-go about how you are going to stop cleaning and start running the business. This is where Shantise Marie is right now. She has clients 6-7 days a week, but no team to clean so she is just keeping her head above water. With that much work and no help, there’s no way she will be able to expand and grow her business. She is just trying to keep her head above water.

Who You Pick as a Client Has Everything to do With Your Ability to Scale

If you aren’t intentional about what clients you have, you are going to be unintentionally shooting yourself in the foot. Having one-time clients that you can’t circle back around to is exhausting and inconsistent. It doesn’t have the potential for growth, even if you are working with someone like a realtor like Shantise is, who is getting the clients for you. There is no growth and no return on that client. It is a one-time job and you never see them again.

Find or Create Community for Support

Another thing Shantise is currently struggling with as a new business is finding a support group or community. Family can be this for some, but it is not always an option. If your family isn’t supportive of you starting your cleaning business or of the business you have been running for a while, go find that community. It is important for your mental health, personal growth, and the growth of your business. Finding people who are going through the same things as you to have been through them before can be invaluable to show you different ways of thinking and doing things when it comes to growing a successful business.

Final Takeaway: Have a plan from the start, pick the right client, and find the right community when you’re starting out to have maximum success.

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