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Episode 877

Tips and Tricks for Nailing Down Your Target Demographic: Episode 877


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Episode 877 – Tips and Tricks for Nailing Down Your Target Demographic : Episode877

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Calum, our friend, and fellow employee from across the pond. Today, they are talking about a vital step many of us pass over when it comes to targeting effectively in our marketing efforts. Listen in as they talk about common mistakes they see made, what to do instead, and how to make your marketing dollars and time count in the most effective way possible.

Don’t Skip Over the Most Important Step

When it comes to marketing, so often we decide on a broad general market, maybe it’s targeting our city or county, and think that is sufficient. From there, we start to focus on the messaging we’ll be giving them and the format we’ll be showing it to them. But we are missing one key step here and that is to take a step back and ask ourselves who our target demographic is in a more specific way. What age are they, what do/will all of our clients have in common, and what pain are we speaking to in our ads? The more we can narrow down our messaging, the more effective we will be at advertising correctly to the right people. Take a second and ask yourself these questions and answer with what you think your ideal candidate would be. The more clear you can get, the more it will benefit you in the long run.

Market with Your Head Not With Your Ego

Something we see so often is people getting caught up in what we call ‘vanity metrics’ in their social media platforms. Rather than being concerned about getting engagement from people who are genuinely interested in their service, people get caught up in the number of likes and followers they get which really has nothing to do with the amount of success they see directly coming from that engagement. It is much more lucrative to have 500 likes on your Facebook page and have every one of those likes comes from a client or a potential client than to have thousands of likes but 100 people or less actually interested in using your services.

When NOT to be Found

Another interesting thing to think about when it comes to narrowing down this niche audience is to ask yourself who is NOT my audience. There might be services that are very similar to those you offer but they aren’t exactly like you. For example, you may do full house cleanings not apartment cleanings, or move in move out cleans. So when those keywords are searched, you want to make sure you’re NOT being seen in the results. Because that’s basically just money going down the drain if half the people who are seeing your ads are those looking for a service you don’t provide. These keywords are called negative keywords, and they are good to know to avoid this situation from happening. 

Final Takeaway: Getting clear on exactly who you are targeting isn’t only time effective, it’s much more cost-effective when it comes to advertising. 

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