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Episode 956

Tips and Insights to Boost Your Cleaning Company: Episode 956


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EP 956
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Starting a cleaning company can be an exciting but daunting task. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some helpful tips for those starting a cleaning company, as well as the usefulness of AI for cleaning company owners. Lindsay Bjorklund, queen of all things admin at GMCC shares her insights that could be beneficial to those in the cleaning industry.

Firstly, Lindsay recommends moving away from personal emails such as Gmail or Yahoo and opting for Google Workspace. Google Workspace is where Google hosts your web domain, allowing you to make emails off of it. You can have access to Google Calendar, Google Drive, where you can put work documents and all kinds of stuff. It looks more professional and can help you separate personal and professional communication.

Secondly, Lindsay recommends not using your personal cell phone number as the contact for your company. As you grow, and as you scale, obviously, that is just not going to work. Instead, you can use an internet phone like Google Voice, which is one of the companies that offer Voice over IP. There are several companies to choose from, so Lindsay doesn’t recommend one company over another. However, the good advantage of having a phone number online is that you can send it to a cell phone number if you need to.

Thirdly, having a booking page is important, and Lindsay recommends, which is a scheduling software that allows people to book a time with you to talk. You can hook up your Google Calendar, and it’ll allow people to book a time that works for them. Calendly is great for sending automated reminders of your appointments.

These tips can help you separate personal and professional communication, scale your business, and automate your scheduling. However, there’s more to running a cleaning business than just communication and scheduling. AI can be a valuable tool for cleaning company owners to generate ideas, save time, and provide useful insights.

LIndsay talks about the usefulness of AI in the context of a cleaning company owner. He mentions two types of AI that he finds valuable. The first is Chat GPT, an AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions and generate ideas for marketing campaigns. Users should enter pointed and specific questions to get better results. Chat GPT is an excellent resource for generating marketing email ideas, ad copy, and website content.

The second type of AI that Lindsay recommends is transcription software, such as, that can transcribe audio recordings and videos into text. Lindsay uses to transcribe his podcast and training videos and then inputs the text into Chat GPT to generate summaries, blogs, and better content for social media.

In summary, AI has a lot of potential for cleaning company owners. By leveraging tools such as Chat GPT and transcription software, cleaning business owners can generate new ideas, save time, and provide better content to their customers. Additionally, following Lindsey’s tips for communication and scheduling can help you separate personal and professional communication, scale your business, and automate your scheduling.

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