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Episode 437

Time to Quit YOUR Cleaning Business? : Episode 437 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 437 – Time to Quit YOUR Cleaning Business?

Most people seek things like time and financial freedom while starting their companies, and unfortunately, a small group of those people will find themselves slowly getting stuck with a cleaning job that doesn’t grant them what they were looking for when they were first starting out. That’s why today Mike is going to cover burnout as well as actions you can take early on to avoid falling into the trap of getting stuck with a cleaning job, rather than owning a cleaning company. 

The first idea that Mike hears constantly that will only hinder your business is ‘The cleaning market near me is bad’. Mike has coached hundreds of cleaning company owners from all over the world and he has never found a place where the market was an impassable barrier. Sometimes it is a lot easier to blame the growth of your business on outside factors, but the truth of the matter is that your business and it’s growth are in your hands alone. If there are parts of your business and systems that aren’t working, it’s up to you to figure out what isn’t working and change it. Having consistent, scalable systems is imperative if you’re looking to grow your business. 

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The next idea that we are going to cover is the idea of owning your company. Some of you may have started your company with the intention of growth, but soon find yourselves stuck with a cleaning job rather than a cleaning company. If you are looking to grow your company than it is essential that you are not doing the cleaning for your company. Without anyone in the leadership position you’ll find that your company can’t thrive. Finding the balance of time spent working in and on your business is a great step to getting your business to the place you want it to be. 

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One idea that is very important and often overlooked, is the idea of setting goals for your company and knowing exactly why you started it and where you want it to go. Many people either never give through to this concept, or just pick an arbitrary number such as a million dollars that they are looking to hit. A better idea is to envision the lifestyle that you want to live, and then reverse engineer how much money that lifestyle is going to cost, and then set that amount as your first goal. This helps a lot with burnout, and allows you to remember why you started your company and what you’re working towards. 

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