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Episode 1059

Thriving Through Transitions: Insights from Cleaning Company Owners: Episode 1059


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Episode 1059 – Thriving Through Transitions: Insights from Cleaning Company Owners

Title: Navigating Transitions and Choosing the Right Niche: Insights from Coaching Calls


In a recent coaching call with Mike Campion, Amanda and Hendrick, two ambitious cleaning company owners, shared their challenges and aspirations. As they navigate the complexities of expanding their businesses, both seek guidance on crucial aspects like employee transitions and niche selection.

Celebrating Success and Embracing Change:

Amanda begins the conversation by expressing her excitement about hiring new team members and her concerns about the transition from subcontractors to employees. Mike applauds her achievements, emphasizing the importance of celebrating successes in the business. Together, they explore the intricacies of employee management and payroll.

Navigating Payroll Challenges:

As Amanda delves into her uncertainty about payroll and employee management, Mike advises her to contact a payroll service provider and swiftly make the transition. He assures her that with the right approach, the process can be seamless.

Facing the Stress of New Beginnings:

The discussion takes an empathetic turn as Amanda shares her concerns about managing her business amidst her first pregnancy. Mike reassures her that many entrepreneurs face similar challenges. He highlights the commonality of mothers transitioning out of cleaning roles and assures Amanda that with the support of the coaching community, she can navigate this change successfully.

Focusing on Building a Strong Team:

Mike’s coaching extends to Hendrick, who raises concerns about choosing the right niche for his services. Hendrick expresses his struggle in identifying a niche that resonates with him. Mike encourages both Amanda and Hendrick to focus on building reliable teams and creating robust hiring funnels to ensure a steady flow of potential candidates.

Overcoming Niche Dilemmas:

Addressing Hendrick’s niche struggles, Mike suggests considering niches like industrial and private schools. He advises against targeting dental offices, pointing out the challenges they pose. Mike recommends focusing on preschools and childcare, where there’s a specific pain point related to cleanliness and disinfection.


As the coaching session unfolds, Amanda and Hendrick gain valuable insights into payroll management, employee transitions, and niche selection. Mike’s guidance empowers them to embrace change, build strong teams, and confidently move forward in their entrepreneurial journeys.
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