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Episode 896

Three Things That Will Set You Up For Success in 2023: Episode 896


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Episode 896 – Three Things That Will Set You Up For Success in 2023

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey Thompson and Lindsay Bjorklund here to talk about the three traps you could fall into in 2023. As the new year comes closer, these three things can help you prepare for what is coming. It can help you be in the right mindset to be set up for success. Listen in to start preparing now!

Staying in the Owner/Operating Mindset

This might seem counter-intuitive, but if we get too caught up in the owner-operator mindset, we actually don’t allow time to grow our business. That is to say, if we stay in the nitty-gritty of the business, it can easily take up all our time. If we are still the ones putting out all the fires, solving all the problems, running here, filling in for this person, telling this person how to do their job, etc. we aren’t able to grow and expand our business. We are focused on daily tasks rather than growth.

Don’t Be in Reaction Mode

The opposite of reaction mode is proactive mode. A great example of this is waking up to three of your employees being sick with the flu, and you flying into action to try and fix everything. Jumping in to be the one who is cleaning. Jumping in to make it go away. Reaction mode will always pull you back in. It isn’t a circumstance, it is a mindset. If you were put on bed rest by a doctor and something happens, rather than jumping up, you are going to think of an alternative solution because it’s not an option. That is the same mindset you should have when problems arise. A great mantra is, ‘if there is a plan b, it isn’t going to be me’.

Avoid the Trap of Panicking

Once one of those fires starts, we can start to really panic and take that reactionary response to the next level. When that happens, we are even less effective. It has been scientifically proven that when we are in panic mode or feeling extreme stress, our brains are less able to make rational, logical decisions. We are also less likely think of creative solutions when we are operating from that space. So it’s really the the tide that raises all ships being ahead of the curve, getting in front of instead of behind in the reaction mode. It is essential that we have systems in place to avoid us ever having to go to that extremely unhelpful place. It doesn’t help us, it doesn’t help our employees, our clients, or our business as whole.

Final Takeaway: Keep your mindset in a place where you are in control of what happens, it doens’t control you.

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