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Episode 866

Three Simple Things You Might Not Be Doing That Make a HUGE Difference: Episode 866


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Episode 866 – Three Simple Things You Might Not Be Doing That Make a HUGE Difference

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with the newest team member of Grow My Cleaning Company, Callum Elson. Callum deals with all things marketing with our Clean Profit members. He is here today to chat about the low-hanging fruit or things that have the potential to work well for clients in their marketing that they aren’t typically taking advantage of. So often, we focus solely on ads and funnels, which are great and necessary, but the things Callum talks about today and those that are fairly easy to set up and straightforward, and should also be taken advantage of to give your business every opportunity to grow.

Get Your Web Presence Sorted

So often, Callum will coach someone who says they are having a hard time getting clients, and he’ll ask them if their web presence is in order. The basics like Google local, Google business, your Facebook page, your website, etc. And so often, people will have outdated phone numbers, outdated links to websites, a photo that isn’t the logo of their business, and simple things like that that can actually make a huge difference in someone being able to contact you. So first and foremost, go through all of your channels where people can potentially find and get ahold of you, and make sure they are all working properly.

Make Sure You’re Found Under Relevant Searches

If you set up your SEO so that people only find you under cleaning companies near me, you’re missing out on some prime search terms. People search for things you wouldn’t expect, and if you can stay up on those terms, you will come up in searches more often. If, for example, someone Google’s the term ‘insured cleaning company’, or ‘highly rated cleaning company’ and you are one of the only ones who have that particular phrase as part of your SEO, they are going to feel an immediate connection to your business because you have exactly what they’re looking for. A great way to get more ideas about terms people search is by asking your friends, family, and colleagues what they would search for if they were looking to hire a cleaning company and implement those search terms as well.

Make Sure All the Dots Are Connected

The final thing seems so obvious and simple, but it is something Callum sees all the time. And that is a kink in the funnel. Go through your entire funnel process as if you were a client and make sure everything works. If you send them to a calendar link to book an appointment, make sure that link is there. If you send them to a website, make sure all the pages on the website are productive and spelled correctly, and that there aren’t any dead links. Go from start to finish, and have a few friends and family members do it as well, and make sure that process is as smooth, quick, and efficient as possible for potential clients. 

Final Takeaway: Before you wonder where all your new clients are, check your web precedence, your search keywords, and your funnel to make sure everything is in working order. 

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