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Episode 818

This Isn't Your Mom’s Marketing Strategy: Episode 818


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Episode 818 – This Isn't Your Mom’s Marketing Strategy: Episode 818

Hi Clean Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Lindsay chatting with Tracey about her marketing/copywriting expertise. Though Tracey is an incredible mindset coach, her secret weapon, as our clients come to learn, is copywriting and marketing. Today she is going to come from that approach and talk to you about two things you should be doing in your marketing and one thing you should not be doing.

Effective Marketing is Understanding Human Behavior

Often when we ask who are clients are trying to target, they’ll say things like- “I am targeting residential cleaners or commercial buildings”. But these are business models, not target demographics. Even if you say something like- “I clean homes over 1500 feet in the greater Phoenix area”, you’ve narrowed it down but it’s still not a target population. A niche is a group of people or an avatar. For example, tarketing double-income families who make over $200.000 a year. With this information, now you are able to better talk to your ideal customer, understand their pain, and effectively provide a solution.

How to Use this With Current Clients

You can use your current clients to better understand the pain your future clients are in, and how you are solving it for them. Communicate with your current clients. Ask them what is working for them and how you are solving their problems by being a reliable cleaning service they can count on. Then, instead of paraphrasing what they say, write it down exactly and use it to market to new clients. For example, if a current client says, “my old janitorial company makes me want to pull my hair out”, that language is going to be like a moth to a flame for your avatar who is going to relate to this on every level.

Nice Doesn’t Sell

When it comes to selling, it is so important to remember that nice doesn’t sell. If someone thinks your ad, website, or company is nice, it isn’t going to be incentivizing enough for them to buy from you. Instead, you need a hook. Recently, Tracey was working with one of our clients who had her name as the name of her cleaning company. And as Tracey started asking her what she envisioned for her future clients, she started to describe this luxury 5-star experience, similar to what you get when you walk into a 5-star hotel. With that information in mind, we decided to change her name to ‘5-Star Concierge Cleaning. Now, clients immediately know what to expect when they hire her and her team

Thou Shalt Not Be Boring

When it comes to marketing, the cardinal sin you can commit is to be boring or run-of-the-mill.  Marketing today is too competitive to be successful with a forgettable approach.  As an exercise for this, Google your industry. If you are a janitorial service, Google janitorial services in your area and start to see what your competition is doing.  Write it down and become familiar with it.  You’ll quickly start to see how similar they all are to each other. Once you see what they are doing, make a commitment to yourself that you aren’t going to do any of the things they are doing in terms of marketing. That you are going to set yourself a part in a memorable way to get clients to notice you. 

Final Takeaway: Understand your ideal client, advertise to THEIR pain, and don’t be boring. 

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