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Episode 869

Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Hiring: Episode 869


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Episode 869 –Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Hiring: Episode 869

On today’s podcast, we have Mike chatting with Amy Jo Hood of Joe’s Cleaning. She started her business in March of 2019 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and has been a fan of the podcast for some time now. Listen in as she and Mike talk about hiring and the real key to hiring when so many others are struggling to do so. So much of this is so simple but so incredibly important to really getting a hiring funnel that consistently works. Listen in to commit this one to memory once and for all.

Make Your Hiring Ad Stand Out

We are bombarded with job ads in a way we never have been before. Spend a few hours on indeed or monster, and you’ll feel like you’re reading the same version of a hiring ad over and over again. If your business ad says the same thing as everyone else, you will be completely forgettable and continue to struggle to find people to come work for you. If you make your ad core value-based, you are going to make it easier for people to connect with you and more likely to reach out. This is step number one but it is so often overlooked as a crucial step in attracting the right people.

Go Where Your Target Demographic Hangs Out

Another option outside of running hiring ads is to go where your perfect employee would hang out. If you love Hispanic hires for their dependability and work ethic and integrity, try to find where they have a community and reach out to let them know you are looking to hire. If your ideal client is a mom of young kids, reach out to local mom bloggers or influencers and offer to pay her to advertise or offer a free cleaning in exchange for her talking about her experience with your company. Be creative and start generating some referral streams outside of paid ads. Though they likely won’t be as effective as quickly as running paid ads, they will bring a trickle-in of something, and that can be helpful too. 

Final Takeaway: Sometimes hiring the right people means thinking outside the box. 

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