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Episode 491

The Untold Cost of Doing Nothing: Episode 491: Mike Campion Live


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Episode 491 – The Untold Cost of Doing Nothing

Decisions are hard and we are wired to put off making them. However, if we put off making them, LIFE then makes decisions for us. We lose what we value most – control. Not making decisions can cost both time and money. It’s like being in a canoe, but instead of using your paddle to direct yourself through life, you let the stream of life carry you wherever. Today we’re going to discuss how to “put your paddle back in” and start making decisions!

False Belief: I can just put off making a decision

Putting off making a decision IS a decision in itself! The problem isn’t that we’re not decisive, it’s that we’re a WEAK version of decisive. We decide to wait for things to magically fix themselves instead of taking action. There are several versions of this false belief which leads us to the next version…

False Belief: I need to sleep on it

That’s lazy thinking making excuses for being lazy!  In reality, rarely are there huge changes overnight to our initial gut reaction. Sleeping on it  is probably not going to fix anything. 

False Belief: It’s smart to “think it over”

If you truly need to collect more data and do research to make a decision, that’s understandable. HOWEVER, it’s smart that once you have the data you need, to then make a decision IMMEDIATELY. Do not use “thinking it over” as another excuse without doing your actual research.

False Belief: “I’m not a decisive person”

No one is actually! Being decisive is a muscle that you have to train your brain on doing. Here’s a tip – start being decisive with little things and low cost things. For example – you’re out to dinner with friends and instead of going back and forth with your friends trying to decide what you’ll eat, be the person that just makes a decision and sticks with it. Don’t be the person that waits for everyone else to decide what they’re eating first and then copy them.

False Belief: It doesn’t cost anything to wait

Remember that every moment you DON’T take action costs time, money, passion and your own self belief.

The “Wait Tax” is what your revenue would have been if you started earlier. Committed earlier. Taken Action earlier. The gap between where you are and where you should be is the most expensive thing your business will ever face!

False Belief: If I make a bad decision it can hurt me so I will “do nothing”

Like we talked about, doing nothing IS making a decision. The reality is this – most decisions aren’t bad, BUT almost EVERY time you “wait” it gets worse. Make bad decisions quickly!

In the rare occasion you DO make a bad decision, when you are decisive, you can just make ANOTHER decision to fix it! Decisions can fix decisions, doing nothing NEVER fixes doing nothing OR making a tough decision!

False Belief: Successful people think things over

Successful people are BETTER and FASTER at making decisions. The reason why is because successful people have figured out that the best way to get better at making decisions is to MAKE DECISIONS. The MAIN reason I get paid so much for my coaching is I have made way more mistakes on a bigger scale than others!

Remember – it’s better to live with the mistakes of a bad decision than to forever regret NO decision.

Once you STRENGTHEN your decision making muscle you will have the tools you need to succeed AND the confidence that comes from taking charge of your life!

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