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Episode 785

The Unsolvable Sales Problem: Episode 785


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Episode 785 – The Unsolvable Sales Problem

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Mike and our amazing in-house mindset coach Tracey Thompson here to talk about something we haven’t discussed on the podcast in a while. We have lots of clients right now wanting to talk about how to get more about sales and how to close more deals. And though it can be tempting to think that all you need for that to go well is the right script, mindset actually has so much to do with this. That’s why we have Tracey here to guide us through.

What to Say vs How to Show Up

Before we get into the nitty-gritty about sales themselves, we have to talk about how you’re showing up and the internal story you’re telling yourself. Because as long as your story is that you have a unique challenge, be it that your town is too small, your clients are struggling, covid ruined your local workforce, whatever it is, if you are telling yourself you’ve already lost, there is no amount of coaching that is going to change that. So you have to be open to being wrong about the stories you’ve been telling yourself about it all.

An Unsolvable Problem

When you have to do something, and there’s no way around it, but you also hate that thing and want nothing to do with it, you have an unsolvable problem. We see this often with clients who come to us and want more sales, and what Tracey says to them is that they have three options. The first option is that they don’t do it and hire someone else to do it instead. But you have to be careful thinking that is going to solve all of your problems because often people think they can just hire an office manager and that will replace them and they will be the magical unicorn that will make everything work. In reality, hiring an office manager will come with the same set of issues. They will still need to make sales. And if you haven’t cracked that nut and hired someone to do a million jobs you don’t like while you avoid the jobs, things aren’t going to go well for you.

Flip the Script On the Story That’s Keeping You Stuck

The bottom line is that there are three different versions in which you must change your mindset. One is you change your mindset about sales, and you turn around the story you’ve been telling yourself about how much you hate it into a more usable, more empowered version so that you no longer hate it. And you don’t bring that energy and you turn that around yourself. If you hate sales because you feel like you have to be too pushy and that’s not who you are, you can flip the script and say realize that you are in the service business to offer people a service that would solve a problem for them, in other words, help them. And that’s not being pushy at all.

Changing Your Mindset is the Answer

So, you can change your mindset and lean into service instead of calling it sales, whatever that paradigm shift is. You can change your mindset and hire somebody else to help you with sales, but you still have to change your mindset. And then the third is to give up on sales and just throw your hands in the air and decide you don’t need to grow, which also requires that you change your mindset. If you decided that it was worth it to you to stay stagnant and not to expand because you hate sales that much, you’ll still need to change your mindset from what it currently is. It’s not about fighting the principle of the mindset (or the story) it’s about finding one that really works in your favor.

Final Takeaway: When you chose to change your story, you’re choosing to REALLY change your results.

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