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Episode 657

The Transformation from Cleaner to OWNER of Your Cleaning Company: Episode 657


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Episode 657 – The Transformation from Cleaner to OWNER of Your Cleaning Company

Hello Cleaning Nation! I am so thrilled to be with Arminda today. She is new to the Grow My Cleaning Company and has such an incredible story. She has owned M&M Cleaning for five years now and got out of cleaning in April 2021.

Arminda’s Story

Before opening a cleaning company, Arminda worked for the government. Arminda has been cleaning for awhile now but when she began her business she was cleaning 24/7. She thought she was working on her business but she was really working in her business. She felt like she was going backwards in her goals instead of forward. She knew she wanted to have her own business because that meant she could have so much more fun.

GMCC Transformation

When Arminda joined our Elite program the first thing she learned was that she needed to work on her business instead of in her business. She had a strong belief that if she didn’t do the cleaning it wouldn’t be done right. She also believed that she was saving money by not paying someone else to do the cleaning. The truth is that you are actually losing money by doing this because by freeing up more time to hire employees and do the important business work, you will be able to get more clients. The second thing that Arminda learned was the importance of hiring the right people. Whenever she tried to hire people in the past, they were not the right people. She was having to micromanage them and even pay to help them get to work. This situation kept her working all of the time even though she had a few employees. After she learned her core values and started hiring the right people she got out of cleaning and earned the freedom she was looking for.

Arminda’s Biggest Mindset Change

The moment where Armindas mindset began to change was to step out of her comfort zone and find the right people to help her reach her goal. By doing this, she learned that it was ok to let people work on their own because she knew her core values. She gave herself permission to step out of cleaning and let her employees do the work because she hired people based on her core values.

What Arminda has Learned

She has learned how to say no if the client isn’t right. She also learned how to ask for the price and know her value as a business owner and the value of her business. By learning her core values, her decisions were made much easier. She also learned that no matter what business you are in, you are valuable and should be confident in what you are doing.

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