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Episode 1061

The Top Three Marketing Tips of 2024 for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1061


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Episode 1061 – The Top Three Marketing Tips of 2024 for Your Cleaning Company

A Look Back and Ahead

As we bid farewell to 2023, Mike Campion and Jackson Pinkoski join forces to unravel the key considerations cleaning company owners must keep in mind as they step into the realm of 2024. In this podcast recap, we’ll explore three crucial insights that promise to shape the landscape of marketing for cleaning businesses in the upcoming year.

Marketing Amidst an Election Year

In the opening segment, Mike and Jackson shed light on the evolving dynamics of advertising costs, especially towards the end of the year. With 2024 being an election year, the duo emphasizes the potential rise in advertising expenses. The discussion pivots towards alternative marketing avenues, urging owners to explore local, community-driven strategies. Jackson highlights the importance of Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Association involvement, emphasizing the significance of navigating beyond the digital landscape.

Strategic Marketing Focus: Quality Over Quantity

The second pillar of wisdom centers around the perils of succumbing to the ‘shiny object syndrome.’ Mike and Jackson counsel against dispersing marketing efforts across numerous channels without a clear strategy. While acknowledging the plethora of marketing channels available, they advocate for a focused approach, urging business owners to identify and excel in one to three key methods. The emphasis is on knowing the audience and selecting platforms that align with the business’s target market, fostering a more profound connection.

AI in Marketing: A Powerful Tool, Not a Panacea

The final segment dives into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in marketing. Jackson addresses the misconception that AI is a panacea, emphasizing its value as a tool rather than a solution. The duo encourages business owners to view AI as a creative catalyst, providing inspiration for ad content, images, and even video. However, they caution against over-reliance, emphasizing the need for a human touch in crafting compelling marketing messages.

Conclusion: Embrace 2024 with Purpose and Fun

In wrapping up the discussion, Mike and Jackson share a resonant message: Have fun and stay true to the core values that inspired the launch of your cleaning business. Amidst the evolving marketing landscape and technological advancements, the essence of why you started remains paramount. As 2024 unfolds, remember that success is a journey, and embracing change with a sense of purpose and joy can pave the way for remarkable growth.
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