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Episode 693

The Top 3 Organic Traffic Mistakes Cleaning Company Owners Make: Episode 693


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Episode 693 – The Top 3 Organic Traffic Mistakes Cleaning Company Owners Make

Today Mike and Jackson discuss the top three mistakes you can make while working on attracting organic traffic for your cleaning company.

Jackson helps our Next-Level members with their day-to-day paid traffic. He helps and guides our members to have a solution to funnels, ads, and organic traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is anything that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for. The only thing it might cost you would be your time. For every business owner, time is money. You’re not paying for a platform to advertise (such as Google, Facebook, Angie’s List HomeAdvisor). Instead, you’re putting out content. This could be your Facebook profile, Google profile, or anything like that. You’re not paying out of pocket. That’s the biggest difference between organic versus paid advertising.

The First Mistake- Doing Nothing

The biggest, number one mistake number one is not doing it. Not taking any action on utilizing organic traffic is a huge mistake.

Business owners tend to think that they need to instantly jump into paid advertising. Another issue is they think people will just come to them without them doing anything. The reality is, people should be doing something instead of nothing. Examples include: in-person door knocking, holding events, talking to people, putting up signs, or putting out flyers.

If you make a business, it’s going to show up on Google and Facebook. People in the neighborhood will know about it. You have to take action and set up a game plan you know ahead of time. As of this episode, we’re coming up into a new month right now. You could come up with some new strategies about what you are going to do for this month instead of taking no action.

The Second Big Mistake- Going Overboard

The second big mistake is that people will do the opposite of number one and go overboard. They’ll think they have to make a huge excessive plan like a big name company would do. Business owners can spend too much time and energy on organic traffic.

In our training, we call this the “Crappy Version 1.0”. Keep in mind that people appreciate real authentic businesses.

Also, start simple. You can go to your Facebook and find groups in your area, and those places you want to service. There’s a group for everything. If you find a page or community of people who would make great clients, interact with them as your business. Talk about finding what their pain points are, get your name out there! It’s going to take 30 minutes to an hour of your time to start these conversations. You will increase your organic traffic though. Now they know you’re there and want to work with the community.

Step Three: Be Consistent!

Being consistent with your organic lead marketing is extremely critical. It’s actually critical on a couple of different levels. One, it builds good habits for you, as a business owner, to consistently do this. On the technical side, consistency is rewarded by every single platform.

Consistency doesn’t mean every single day necessarily. You can do it once a week, or three times a week. The method and followup are consistent. For example: messaging people on Facebook groups, putting out a video of testimony on your Facebook page, writing about cleaning tips on your Google profile, etc.

You have to set up a plan where you’re not over-committing your time, you’re being consistent with it, and you’re taking action. All those pieces will fall into line.

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