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Episode 817

The Tool You May Not Be Using That Could Double Your Marketing Efforts: Episode 817


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Episode 817 – The Tool You May Not Be Using That Could Double Your Marketing Efforts: Episode 817

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Jered Robinson talking to you listeners about Performance Max. Performance max is a tool used to optimize Google Ads and can exponentially increase your Google ad campaigns’ effectiveness. We at Grow My Cleaning Company have been using this tool for a while now and can see its benefits, so today Jered wants to pass that information on to you. The episode is geared more towards commercial cleaning companies since these campaigns tend to be more effective in that space. But everyone can get some benefit so listen up!

The Power of Google Ad Words

We spent a lot of time talking about Facebook ads. Because they are effective and you can target really well with them. Especially if you are a residential cleaning business. But sometimes we underestimate the power of Google ads. Google ads target in a different way but equally if not more effective than Facebook. Google works through keywords. And they have SOO much more information about you and your behaviors and habits than Facebook. They know where you go from maps, they know what you’ve been Googling, they know what you buy, what you’re looking to buy, etc. there is a famous story that Google once told a woman she was pregnant before she knew she was pregnant just by quantifying her recent searches and offering her ads based on what she might need.

How Performance Max Works

When Performance max first came out, it wasn’t quite what Jered was hoping for in terms of effectiveness. But recently, that has changed. Now, Google is asking for more content. To get your account up and running, they want several headlines of different lengths headlines, images, and videos. Once you give them all your content, they will take what you’ve given them, decide what is most relevant and start to show those ads on Youtube and as display ads. They’ll do it in a very systematic way as you tell them what you want to accomplish with your campaign. So you’ll tell Google if you want to get someone to your website if you want to get a phone number, or what your end goal is with your campaign. As they run their algorithm (it’s essential that you don’t turn off your ads so that it can continue to learn) it continues to learn about the behavior of your customers and eventually learns what touchpoints they need to go through your funnel.

Tips for Sucess

When you are setting up your ads, Google is going to ask you for your website. When you give them your website, you’ll want to exclude some of the pages on your website that doesn’t give your leads the exact information you want them to see as a cold lead. You can also give Google email lists of people who have interacted with your brand. And you can give the different email list values. In the cast of Grow My Cleaning Company, the list that joined our program is much more valuable than the list that only watched a webinar. But Google takes both and learns about the behavior of those potential customers and targets them more effectively. 

Final Takeaway: Performance max is an amazing tool for marketing effectively through Google ad words. If you are a commercial cleaner, this is a tool you should definitely be using.  

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