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Episode 664

The Thin Line Between Planning and Procrastination: Episode 664


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Episode 664 – The Thin Line Between Planning and Procrastination

Hello Cleaning Nation! Lindsay here, your client happiness manager, and I’m super excited for today’s podcast. For this podcast episode Tracey Thompson, our mindset coach, is here to talk about the thin line between planning and procrastination.

The Thin Line Between Planning and Procrastination

We all love to tell ourselves stories. If we are being honest it is because by telling ourselves “but” stories we don’t actually have to face “the do”. Planning is great but you can plan forever. That can be completely reasonable but also bad for business. Why is this bad for business? If we focus on planning too much, soon it will turn into procrastination. The worst part is we don’t even notice it and procrastination is not our friend. Now we start to justify why we are procrastinating so we don’t have to feel bad about it.

How to Realize You are Procrastinating

If we slip into procrastination so easily and without knowing it, how then, do we realize it? The top way to identify when you are in this state is to look at your pattern. Everyone has a pattern and figuring yours out will help you stay ahead of the game and stop yourself from procrastinating sooner. A question you can ask yourself to identify your pattern is “What excuses do you make and how often do you make them?” Reflection is key because when we really look back on the time we have missed procrastinating you will be able to identify it pretty easily.

How to Stop Procrastination

Your brain wants to prove that you are right. What you tell yourself will become your beliefs and your reality. For example if you tell yourself that you are a perfectionist you will truly become a procrastinator that can never move. So what should you tell yourself instead? Instead of telling yourself that you are a perfectionist, tell yourself that you take confident ACTION and trust your decisions. The hard truth is that the person to take action first generally becomes the most successful. If you don’t start to change your mindset and stay a “perfectionist” you are going to be your own weakness when it comes to your business growing.

How do we Make This our Reality?

Say no to the excuses and take action. When you are ready to take action you may start to hear the excuses creeping in. You need to block that voice out of your head. Even though that voice may be telling you that you can do better or it needs something “extra” just take the action! When you win that argument in your head and take action you will feel accomplishment.

Our Challenge to You

We have a challenge for you today. Are you saying “later” or “not good enough” to yourself? Today is the day to say no! Whatever action you have been putting off will be the one you take this week. The last step is to post your accomplishment in our Facebook group. Click here to join! We can’t wait to hear what you have accomplished!

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