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Episode 935

The Success Formula: Mindset, Action, and Perseverance - Episode 935


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ep 935
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Episode 935 – The Success Formula: Mindset, Action, and Perseverance

Mike and Suzanne discuss the importance of mindset, beliefs, action, and perseverance in achieving success. They acknowledge that while the term “mindset” can be seen as vague and woowoo, it is important to have a set of beliefs that match one’s desired destination in order to reach it. Additionally, they note that having beliefs that support one’s destination may not necessarily result in feeling fulfilled or happy, and it is crucial to also have beliefs that support one’s emotional well-being.

Regarding perseverance, they caution against the common misconception that perseverance means simply refusing to give up at all costs. They argue that it is important to be willing to adapt and change strategies if the current approach is not working, rather than doggedly sticking to a plan that may ultimately lead to failure. Perseverance also involves being willing to take risks and step out of one’s comfort zone in pursuit of success.

Overall, Mike and Suzanne stress that success is not just about having a positive mindset or unwavering determination, but rather a combination of mindset, action, and perseverance that work together to achieve desired outcomes. By having the right set of beliefs, taking strategic action, and being willing to adapt and persist in the face of challenges, individuals can increase their likelihood of achieving success in both their personal and professional lives.

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