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Episode 769

The Stories You Tell Yourself and Why They Matter: Episode 769


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Episode 769 – The Stories You Tell Yourself and Why They Matter

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have part two of Mike and Tracey Chatting about the stories we tell ourselves and how they can help us or hurt us. Listen in as they go more into depth about the stories we tell ourselves about what we are willing to do and not to do so that we can make decisions for the future that benefit us and motivate us to actually do what we say we will. No matter what stage you’re at in your business, this stuff is going to be super useful.

What We’re Willing to Do

We always tell ourselves stories about what we are willing to do and what we aren’t willing to do. But the truth is that we are just spinning in our complaining and putting up invisible roadblocks about things that we aren’t willing to do to really bring about the change that needs to happen. It’s sometimes easier or more satisfying to give all the reasons why something is unfair rather than stand up and do something about it. And this is something that is so typically part of human nature but it gets us so stuck. It is a time and energy suck that takes us away from being our most creative, problem-solving selves.

How to Know if the Story You’re Telling Yourself is Keeping You Stuck

It really is very simple to know if the story you are telling yourself is keeping you stuck or not. Keeping in mind that simple and easy are two very different things. You know you’re keeping yourself stuck if you have been telling yourself this story or not making any forward progress in a hot minute… Meaning for a good while. That is a tall tale sign that you are telling a story that isn’t propelling your forward so it’s time to take a good look at it and decide to start telling a different story.

A Real Life Example of This Principle

Tracey got diagnosed with cancer a few years back. When she got that diagnosis, she had to ask herself what she was willing to do. For her, she decided she wasn’t willing to go the traditional route. Though it would have been cheaper, she would have felt more support from friends and family and it felt like the ‘safer’ choice, she choose not to get radiation and chemotherapy. Instead, she took a much more difficult, lesser-known route which was paying $12,000 (which she didn’t have at the time) to an alternative doctor to heal herself homeopathically. And within six months she was cancer-free. But that came from her being willing to step outside that box. Stop feeling sorry for herself or just take the traditional route, and decide what she really wanted for herself and fight to make that a reality.

Decision Without Action is Just an Idea

Once you decide you’re ready to move forward with a decision, it’s imperative that you take some action before leaving the scene of that decision. A decision without action is ultimately just an idea. Making a decision and then not taking action and then making the decision again and then continuing to not take action is the worst kind of self-sabotage. So either make the decision and take action or don’t make the decision rather than beating yourself up for the inaction

Final Takeaway: When you realize you are telling yourself stories about what you aren’t willing to do, check yourself, make a decision, and take action from that decision.

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