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Episode 633

The Secret to Using Google Ads to Make Your Cleaning Business Boom: Episode 633


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Episode 633 – The Secret to Using Google Ads to make Your Cleaning Business Boom

Hello Cleaning Nation! My name is Jackson and I am going to be interviewing the amazing Nick and April Kesseru who opened Pioneer Cleaning in 2002. We are going to discuss Nick and April’s Google marketing tactics and give you some tips on how to run ads.

Their Google Ad Journey

Nick and April started Google ads in October with me and before that they were working only with mouth to mouth advertising and a tiny bit of ads. They were frustrated because they felt like they needed more people to see their ads and couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. The truth is you don’t necessarily need more people to see your ads but you need the right people to see your ads. When you don’t know where to put your money or how to make an ad it can be frustrating, but when you figure it out, and the ad starts to work it is the best feeling! Nick was a little worried when he first started working with us because he was spending some money on ads but not seeing a return right away. At first they were getting calls from the wrong clients and their ads were not working like they thought they would. Once we got through the testing phase, their ads began to bring in the perfect warm audience and their business started to boom. From October to today they have spent a total of three-thousand dollars on ads. They now pick up four-thousand dollars of recurring revenue every month! They now make more in revenue every month than they have ever spent on ads. Ads don’t magically work right away but when they finally do they can transform your business.

April and Nick’s Top Tips

Nick’s top tips would be to hire a great coach and read books. He recommends Richard Branson’s books. April says to create conversations and roleplay conversations that you are going to have with potential clients. Doing this helped April a lot with closing more sales. Their last tip is to know your core values. By sticking to your values the right people will naturally come to you and you will have the perfect clients.

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