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Episode 662

The Secret to Transition from Cleaner to Owner of a Cleaning Company: Episode 662


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Episode 662 – The Secret to Transition from Cleaner to Owner of a Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today I am excited to welcome Brenna & Jeremy Sledge to the podcast. They started Busy B Cleaning in August 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic. They are mainly focused on the residential side of the cleaning business. Brenna first started cleaning by herself and by January she started hiring a team.

Brenna and Jeremy's Journey

Brenna and Jeremey never planned on opening a cleaning business but Brenna did have some experience in cleaning. One day Brenna saw a post about a woman looking for someone to clean her house. Brenna hopped right on that and got the job. Soon after she started cleaning for that woman her DM’s started flooding with people. She had no idea where they were from but it turned out that her client had recommended her on a Facebook group. Before she knew it, Brenna was taking on a few clients a week and her business began to grow like crazy. Now they average about seventy homes a week.

Brenna and Jeremy’s Question

Even though they have hired a team, Brenna is still cleaning and wants to move into more of a management position. Right now they are both home at different times and want to start being together more. The number one thing to do when you are ready to get out of cleaning is to make a decision that you will not clean anymore. Choose a day and from that day on do not clean even if you have employees that can’t show up. It is ok to call your client and tell them that you can’t come because you had some employee issues that day. The reason this is so important is that if you don’t make the decision you will find yourself giving in once in a while and before you know it cleaning all of the time again. The second thing you need to do is get rid of the belief that if you don’t clean, your clients will not be happy. Step three is that you need an automated system that can bring you more applicants than you can handle. By having this system you will be able to find and hire the best people for your company, giving you the chance to learn to be more comfortable with your employees doing a great job. When it comes to the automated system it is incredibly important to make your hiring ad include your core values. The core values will bring in people who identify with your company and repel the people who are wrong for your company.

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