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Episode 902

The Rules of Successful Roles- Part 3: Episode 902


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Episode 902 – The Rules of Successful Roles- Part 3

Today on the podcast, we have the third part of the seminar Mike gave on roles at our last retreat. These episodes and been so full of really actionable information, part three is no different. At the end of the three-part series, you should feel confident hiring out every aspect of your team, fully understanding what each member should be contributing, and what to do if they aren’t. Listen in here to the final part.

Client Happiness Manager

The last role Mike talks about in his seminar is the client happiness manager. This is a role that you can hire as soon as you feel like you are done doing it yourself. The expectation of that role is to have a certain number of positive reviews for every negative review. They also have a result-based job. Rather than focusing on all their job entails, you give them your expectations, maybe it’s a certain amount of reviews per quarter, maybe it’s a certain percentage of turnover, whatever it is, from there it is their responsibility to make it happen. This job pay is based on the amount of work they do, but you can start with something like $1000 per month and then you can offer bonus-based performances. Their guidelines would also include being responsible for monthly parties within the company.

Prospect Gatherer/Residential Enrollment Coach

These roles are optional but can be helpful when you get to a certain point in your business. The results for the prospect gatherer would be to get x amount of leads and y amount of consults for your residential coach. The expectation for your residential coach would be to turn those leads and bids into customers, grow your social media presence, and answer all inquiries that come through any and all channels.

Making the Numbers Work

It can feel overwhelming to have to pay for so many extra services with only 30% of your revenue. But that is why you grow slowly. Don’t hire out every role at the beginning, you won’t have any take-home pay. If you don’t have enough to hire for a certain role in your 30%, wait until you do. Or hire someone for a couple of hours a week, then have them grow with you as your revenue increases.

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